Dispensing Products

Our wide variety of standard products range in capability from pumping material to accurately and precisely dispensing it onto a part. The vast selection of products we have are compatible with grease, oil, adhesives, sealants, two-part materials, and more. On top of the many standard products we offer, we also specialize in custom part nesting, nozzles, or entire custom systems with or without automation. 

Benefits of GP Reeves Dispensing Products:

      • Available for a wide array of materials
      • More accurate than leading competitors
      • Customizable to your unique specifications
      • Known to increase productivity and profitability
      • Systems can be delivered turnkey and ready to integrate
      • Manufactured in-house reducing supply chain

GP Reeves Customer Testimonial:

“I couldn’t be happier with your level of engagement and effort on this.  I have to say, [a certain competitor] fell way short to matching your contribution.  I’ll definitely lead with your solutions…”

Grease Dispensing Equipment

Grease application is a key part of manufacturing, and we’re experts in the process. Our innovative team has worked with numerous types of grease and we’re constantly expanding our material knowledge. Whether you need to spray grease on the outer diameter of a faucet, apply copious amounts of grease onto the gears of a kitchen mixer, or dispense ultra-precise micro beads on the interior trim of a car, we’ve done it before, and we’ve done it better than our competitors. With grease dispensing products on six of the seven continents and over 50 years of experience, you can trust us with your most complicated grease applications.

Work in Action:

One example of our successful ability to develop innovative grease dispensing systems involves an automotive sunroof rail solution. Learn more about this cutting-edge automotive project in our recent application video!

Grease Source

Pumping grease from the container is the first part of your grease application and choosing how to do it is an important step. Our grease pumps use technology that allows nearly all of the grease to be pumped out of the container, minimizing waste. We also offer reservoirs/regulators that can be manually or automatically filled.

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Grease Preparation

Preparing grease to be dispensed is one of the most important steps in the process of accurate grease delivery. During this step, foreign debris be filtered from the grease. Our patented air removal technology can be utilized in this step to ensure unwanted air doesn’t make its way into the dispenser and onto your part. Pressure regulators can also be utilized to manage the pressure of the grease.


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Grease Dispensers

We offer a variety of ultra-precise, positive displacement grease dispensers. Positive displacement dispensing ensures the same volume is dispensed every time, no matter the viscosity, temperature, or other external variants. The volume range of our grease dispensers is 0.001 to 1086 cc, with every size option in between. GP Reeves has several series of grease dispensers that each have their own features and benefits including speed, monitoring, and patented air removal technology.

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Grease End Points

Dispensing grease onto your part is key, and there are a variety of ways the grease can be applied. Whether you need a bead of grease, you need sprayed grease, or you need something completely custom, we offer a variety of nozzles and valves to meet your specific application needs.

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Grease Confirmation Devices

Confirmation devices are used as a final check for the grease material being dispensed. These can confirm volume, flow, or pressure, and are essential for critical applications. From analog, to digital, to ultrasonic, there are a variety of sensor options for grease confirmation. 

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AxisSaver™ Robot Greaser

The Axis Saver™ is engineered to significantly reduce the expensive time and material constraints of robot maintenance lubrication. The robots are the workhorses of your production lines, and their axes should be efficiently maintained to quickly put them back to work and keep them working!

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Oil Dispensing Equipment

The application of oil to surfaces has impacted numerous areas of manufacturing. GP Reeves had its beginning in chain lubricators, and we’ve continued to advance the field of material dispensing ever since. For the most advanced oil dispensing technology around, get in touch with the cutting-edge oil dispensing equipment of GP Reeves.

Work in Action:

GP Reeves has applied oil to numerous surfaces to achieve successful application lubrication. One project that exemplified our ability to develop automated oil dispensing systems involved inner diameter syringe coatings. Learn more about our innovations for the medical field in this short application overview!

Lube Logic Chain Lubricators

Chain Lubricators are where GP Reeves got its start. Our innovative chain lubricator technology has a history of repeatedly lubricating up to 80ft of chain per minute with top-notch accuracy and reliability. With a variety of standard options to match most common conveyor chains, our lubricators will save you hours of maintenance time!

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Oil Source

Our oil pumps are designed for even the most challenging of production oil dispensing. Whether you’re pumping straight from the container your oil comes in or you’re in need of a reservoir as well, we offer a variety of dependable oil pump options.

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Oil Preparation

When working with oil, filters and regulators can be extremely helpful to prepare the oil for the dispensing system. Filters ensure the removal of foreign material from your oil, while regulators can reduce the supply pressure to prepare it for dispensing.

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Oil Dispensers

GP Reeves offers oil dispensers that feature all output sizes and pressure requirements. All our dispensers are positive displacement, which ensures the same volume is repeatedly dispensed – no matter the external variants (viscosity, temperature, etc.). Oil dispensers come in a volume range from 0.001 to 5172 cc, featuring every option in between. Options including material monitoring and air removal technology are also available.

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Oil End Points

There are several nozzle and valve options to ensure your oil is properly applied to your part. Our spray nozzles feature several shape options that each meet a different application need. 

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Oil Accessories

Confirmation devices can be used as a final check for the dispensed material. These devices are essential for critical applications. We offer products for volume, flow, and pressure confirmation, in options ranging from analog to digital to ultrasonic.

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Adhesive and Sealant Dispensing Equipment

Many adhesives and sealants require extra precaution in the dispensing process to prevent premature curing of the material. We have dispensed all types of adhesives and sealants including UV Cure, Two-Component, Moisture Cure, and more. For masterful and accurate dispensing of adhesive and sealant materials, you need GP Reeves!

Work in Action:

GP Reeves has an advanced ability to design systems that properly deliver even the most complex adhesive and sealant materials. A project done for the agricultural industry applied RTV sealant to the transaxle housings of tractor equipment. Discover more about this unique project in our latest application video!

Material Details

We have developed products to ensure all tricky materials are properly cared for throughout the entire dispensing process.

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Adhesive and Sealant Source

Pumping adhesive or sealant material out of its original container is an important first step in the dispensing process. Utilizing our over 50 years of dispensing expertise, GP reeves offers a variety of pumps that will ensure that even the trickiest of adhesive and sealant materials can be pumped with ease. All pumps feature a variety of options including sensors, controls, and safety features.

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Adhesive and Sealant Preparation

Since adhesives and sealants require extra care, filters and regulators can be helpful in preparing your material for the rest of the dispensing process. Filters ensure that no foreign material enters the system, while regulators can reduce the supply pressure to prepare it for the dispenser.

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Adhesive and Sealant Dispensers

GP Reeves offers several adhesive and sealant dispenser series that include all output sizes and pressure requirements. Our positive displacement dispensers ensure the same volume is repeatedly dispensed regardless of the material viscosity, or any external variants. Material dispensers come in a volume range from 0.02 to 240 cc, featuring every option in between. Material-specific options, including varying seals, tubing, and product materials are available, along with most standard sensor and monitoring options.

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Adhesive and Sealant End Points

Our standard product line includes a variety of nozzles and valves that have options allowing them to be used with a wide array of adhesives and sealants. Along with this standard product line, our team also has the ability to customize end point products to meet your specific needs.

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Adhesive and Sealant Accessories

Accessories are some of the most critical parts of an adhesive or sealant dispensing system. With options ranging from nitrogen blankets to heated hoses, there are options for all types of complex materials.

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PreciFluid® Dispensing Equipment

By partnering with Poly Dispensing Systems to be the exclusive distributor of PreciFluid® in North America, GP Reeves can combine our dispensing expertise with the precision of the PreciFluid® system to bring our customers increasing levels of accuracy. In addition to distributing the PreciFluid® system, we engineered and produced several accessories to be used alongside the PreciFluid®.

PreciFluid Equipment

PreciFluid® is a highly developed technology offering quality dispensing. This volumetric dispenser, which is compatible with almost all types of fluids (from the most liquid to the most viscous types), combines speed and accuracy in a simple and ergonomic structure.

PreciFluid Gun Specifications

There are four standard sizes of the dispense gun: 3 cc, 5 cc, 10 cc, and 30 cc. Though a 75 cc gun is available upon request. 

PreciFluid Syringes

Syringes are available in a variety of types and sizes ensuring compatibility with almost any material.

PreciFluid Tips

Available in a large variety of gauges and shapes, these color coded tips will work for any application.

PreciFluid Systems and Kits

PreciFluid products are available in a variety of combinations to ensure you have everything you need to get started. 

PreciFluid Control Accessories

The PreciFluid can be controlled two ways – a foot pedal, which is included in most kits, or a finger switch.

PreciFluid® Fill and Ship

GP Reeves will fill, pack, and ship ready to dispense cartridges as you need them!

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