The consumer products industry is vast and complex, but continually modernizing and innovating. GP Reeves has been helping participants of this industry elevate their products and assembly methods for years. As the field continues to grow and change, so does GP Reeves.

How We Propel Consumer Product Manufacturers

GP Reeves is well poised to assist those involved with consumer product manufacturing with even their toughest assembly challenges. Our team is equipped with decades of experience and superior industry knowledge, ensuring that we’ll configure the best dispensing solution possible. Examples of the benefits found from some of our previous industry solutions include:


Production Capacity


Lengthened Product

Elevated Product

Material Waste

Our Experience with Consumer Products

GP Reeves has custom manufactured dispensing systems uniquely tailored to the specifications required by companies within the consumer product industry. From micro-dots of grease on the smallest of applications to shock-absorbing filling systems, we’ve created dispensing systems that help the consumer product industry excel. Some examples of our work with consumer products include:

  • Kitchen Mixer Lubrication
  • Dishwasher Motor Oiling
  • Oven Door Greasing
  • Fire Extinguisher Lubrication
  • Greasing of Electric Window Shades
  • Bonding of Baseball Bat Parts
  • Lubrication of Sink Faucets
  • Inner Diameter Lubrication of Water Filters
  • Lubrication of E-bike Engine Gears
  • Greasing of Lawnmower Components

Proof of the Precision

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Our Process for Consumer Products

The team at GP Reeves has accumulated a wealth of experience solving some of the consumer product industry’s greatest challenges. We’ve partnered with plenty of manufacturers within the consumer products landscape and we enjoy collaborating on innovative, unique, and customized dispensing solutions. When partnering with GP Reeves to enhance your production potential, here are some of the steps we’ll take to ensure you receive the most advanced solution possible

    1. Analyze: Our experts intensively analyze the goals of each project and assess the needs of each component. The characteristics of each surface, material, environmental condition, and assembly part are carefully examined to make sure the most optimum solution is crafted.
    2. Design: Once a complete assessment of the project’s components has been conducted, our crew intricately designs each part of a dispensing system with unique capabilities, ensuring that it will maximize the potential of your production line.
    3. Assembly: After our team feels as though the design has exceeded our customer’s expectations, we manufacture custom and standard products in house, ensuring our system will effectively integrate with the customer’s current processes.
    4. Testing: GP Reeves replicates the eventual atmospheric conditions, materials, space, and any other factors to validate the process as best as possible.
    5. Continued Support: Even after we have verified feasibility and functionality, we also offer installation services and support for all our products. We are dedicated to your assembly line’s success for the long haul.

GP Reeves Customer Testimonial:

“I couldn’t be happier with your level of engagement and effort on this.  I have to say, [a certain competitor] fell way short to matching your contribution.  I’ll definitely lead with your solutions…”

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Electrifying Consumerism

The innovative epoch of the modern consumer involves speed, reliability, and relentless advancement. GP Reeves has always been adept at propelling customers further into progress, even amidst the demanding challenges of current times. This skilled proficiency in ruthless innovation has been exemplified by GP Reeves’ ability to assist in the development of electric delivery trucks. By utilizing expertise of complex materials, superior knowledge of the heavy equipment industry and its needs, as well as advanced intelligence in precision dispensing, GP Reeves contributed to a system that will drive consumerism and electric delivery vehicles into the future.

Materials Used

Consumer products often have a more aesthetic appearance than products found in manufacturing spaces, meaning all lubrication has to be clean and precise, two things we specialize in. GP Reeves has accurately dispensed a myriad of materials to consumer product surfaces. Some examples include: 



2k Epoxy


Dry Lubricant


Successful Solutions

GP Reeves has successfully customized and configured numerous systems to serve the needs of the consumer products industry. A few of these innovative solutions are featured below! If you have any interest in any of these applications or would like us to configure one for you, get in touch with us today!

Dishwasher Motor

The customer approached us to lubricate a dishwasher motor pump mounting plate to aid in assembly. We created a custom system that rotated the part allowing us to spray material around the entire outer diameter. Our spray nozzles ensured uniform coverage of material leading to a simpler pump installation.

Kitchen Mixer

Large amounts of grease were requested by the customer in the gear motor assembly of their kitchen mixer. The long term use of these mixers includes a significant amount of turning of these gears, which requires a lubrication solution that will last. To keep the gears turning smoothly without excess wear or noise, we created custom solutions to dispense a metered amount of grease directly onto their part.


Our customer manufactures electric motorcycles and needed a custom greasing system to properly lubricate the engine gears. They expressed frustration with previous dispensing companies that the peaks and valleys of the gears weren’t equally lubricated. The system we created included a rotating spray nozzle which ensured an even coverage in every part of their gears, exceeding the customers expectations.

Sink Faucet

This video highlights two different faucet applications. The primary application site on sink faucets is on the swivel, industry standard greases the outer diameter of this swivel. However, we have also engineered solutions to lubricate the inner diameter of this swivel. A customer approached us with a problem, the grease they were using was changing the color of their faucet and they needed a precise application that would ensure grease didn’t end up where it shouldn’t. Our solution included custom nesting that ensured grease stayed on the inner diameter of the swivel, solving their problem and reducing the possibility of mess.

Advantages of Working with GP Reeves

Through a partnership with GP Reeves, your organization will gain a long-lasting competitive edge and a way to propel your industry forward. The renewable energy industry is only going to continue developing and our team is enthusiastic about accommodating its every need.

Some ways we can provide your business with advanced positioning among peers include:

    • Customized equipment to help advance your unique and differentiated design
    • In-house manufacturing to provide a shorter supply chain and get the ball rolling on your innovative technology development
    • Constant support to ensure equipment is properly maintained and kept up to the highest standards of quality and reliability
    • A team of diverse backgrounds and minds completely dedicated to helping you overcome any challenge or reach any goal
    • Machinery that is delivered turnkey and ready to integrate into your cutting-edge assembly line

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