Oil Dispensers

GP Reeves designs and manufactures an extensive line of positive displacement oil dispensers.  They work by moving pressurized oil through a measuring chamber where a powered piston controls the transfer volume; the dispense is directly proportional to the piston area and piston travel. Our GSS, GSSM, and GPMD dispensers use a mechanical adjustment stop to adjust the volume, which is ideal for applications where the volume will be set and rarely adjusted. GP Reeves also creates AA dispensers, which use a PLC to control the piston movement allowing the PLC to control and adjust the volume, which works better for applications requiring recipe control or ultra-precise dispenses.

Selection Guide

To select the right oil dispenser for your specific production needs, a few things should be considered. Start by identifying the volume requirements for your application. GSS/GSSM dispensers are great for smaller outputs that require quick dispenses. GPMD11000 series dispensers are great for lower inlet pressure, medium output applications. Our GPMD3000L series dispenses larger amounts with considerations for higher pressure desires. In applications where the dispense process needs to reject air or include recipe control dispensing, we also offer AA dispensers which dispense at controlled rates for even distribution and are controlled by separately purchased PLCs.

AA3 Pneumatic Oil Dispensers 

The AA3 pneumatic AA dispensers allow for PLC volume and rate control without the added cost of a Servo. AA3s can be used for multiple dispense sizes, and are recommended for continuous flow applications.

AA9 Servo Oil Dispensers 

AA9 Servo dispensers are PLC controlled and include our patented air removal process to ensure only airless material is dispensed. These are used for applications where the volume is critical, and volume confirmation, accurate rate control, or recipe volume control is required.

GPMD11000 Oil Dispensers

GPMD11000 Dispensers provide accurate dispensing of 0.02 cc to 6.20 cc shots of oil using positive piston displacement.

GPMD3000L Oil Dispensers

GPMD3000L Dispensers are good for high inlet pressure, high volume applications and have optional control packages available.

GSS and GSSM Air Operated Oil Dispensers

GSS and GSSM Dispensers use adjustable volumetric piston displacement to dispense shots between 0.001 – 0.066 cc up to 180 times per minute.

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