As technologies continuously evolve, the need for energy to power such innovation remains constant. GP Reeves has developed an array of dispensing solutions to propel energy related manufacturers ahead and simplify their assembly lines.

Power the Future with GP Reeves

GP Reeves has accumulated years of expertise to ensure the fields of oil, gas, and mineral production can access the most advanced dispensing solutions possible. The type of equipment and machinery produced by nonrenewable manufacturers requires immaculate dispensing accuracy and guaranteed durability. Our team of dedicated engineers can propel the energy and natural resources industry with our intricately designed and customizable dispensing technology.


How We Power Oil, Gas, & Mining Manufacturers

GP Reeves has been in the dispensing industry since 1971, and we’ve grown to become a global leader in precision dispensing technology. This equipment has provided manufacturers of systems for oil, gas, and mining production with numerous benefits. Some include:

Worker Safety

Improved Product

Reduced Downtime

Wasted Material

Enhanced Production


Growth in


Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturing

Benefits of Partnering with GP Reeves:

During our 50+ years in the dispensing business, we’ve gained a masterful knowledge of the best ways to apply material to various surfaces. Our team has provided numerous advantages to those who choose to harness their efforts to our advanced dispensing technologies. Some ways we can benefit your assembly process include:

  • Access to a dedicated and knowledgeable team
  • Repeatable precision and reliability during material delivery
  • In-house manufacturing to limit supply chain cycles
  • Customized components to meet your exact specifications
  • Increased productivity, effectiveness, and durability of your production line
  • Support during system integration and continued future support
  • A turn-key system that is ready to operate as soon as you open the box

Market Forecasts

At GP Reeves, our teams recognize the significance of staying up to date with the demands and challenges faced by contemporary markets. From intensive research, our specialists have discovered important data that influences how we strategically support the oil, gas, and mining industries. Some of our notes are listed here:

  • According to research done by McKinsey & Co., gas will continue to increase its share of global energy demand in the next 10-15 years.
  • By 2040, exploration and production companies need to add 38 MMb/d of new crude oil production from unsanctioned projects to meet demand.
  • Right now, only 0.5 percent of mining equipment is fully electric.

This important insight directs the trajectory of innovation for the nonrenewable energy field. With the demand for major energy sources like gas and oil on the rise, companies will need to keep costs low and production high. GP Reeves is known for boosting efficiency and increasing production capacity, so we’re enthused about encouraging companies in the field.

Additionally, we’re intrigued by the opportunities available in electrified mining. We’ve participated in the evolution of electric vehicles, electrified fleets, and mining equipment which provides a new field for us to continue exploring. We’re thrilled to continue applying our battery expertise in mining.

Renewable Energy

Along with supporting the fields of oil, gas, and mining equipment manufacturing, GP Reeves has also created numerous successful solutions for the renewable energy industry. Learn more about our advancements for solar power, hydropower, and wind power on our renewable energy page!

Our Energizing Customer Base

Today’s Manufacturing Challenges

The production of machinery for use by operators in the nonrenewable energy fields can be a difficult task. Equipment must be able to tolerate harsh environments while performing intensive activities, and remain effective, durable, and reliable for a long period. Manufacturers must take a lot into account when constructing these types of mechanisms, but here are some of the biggest pain points that should be considered when producing systems for the oil, gas, and mining industries:

Pipeline Damage

Leaks, cracks, or other types of damage can wreak detrimental havoc to a pipeline’s operations. Other than the harm these hardships provide for the surrounding environment and community, they can cause pipeline operations to suspend for horrendously long periods of time – leading to high costs and a lack of productivity. To bring value to their customers, manufacturers must ensure their products are assembled to withstand harsh conditions and maintain durability.

GP Reeves Solutions:

  • Precise sealing equipment that prevents leaks or cracks in the first place.
  • Expertise of a plethora of materials best suited for harsh environmental conditions.
  • Reliable and consistent dispensing ensures seals and bonds are formed to last.
  • Automated dispensing solutions reduce downtime and limit wasted expenses.

Maintenance Needs

If not properly taken care of, machinery can be vulnerable to corrosive agents, effects from weathering, decreased effectiveness, and a shorter lifetime. Operators oftentimes must pause production to take care of equipment and ensure it’s good to run. Manufacturers must consider how much maintenance will be required of their products and attempt to limit this as much as possible.

GP Reeves Solutions:

  • Effective dispensing equipment provides long-lasting and reliable lubrication.
  • Specialized technology from GP Reeves prevents debris from accesses lubrication materials.
  • Advanced dispensing systems reduce friction, enhance product quality, and allow for increased production capacity.

Seasonal Changes

The tough equipment utilized within the oil, gas, and mining industries doesn’t get to shift from a heavy winter coat to a lighter spring jacket. It must adapt to seasonal changes in temperature and environmental conditions with ease. Manufacturers should be aware of potentials for harsh environments, freezing, melting, and various temperatures that might impact their products’ surrounding environment. Assemblers should do their best to circumvent issues due to natural causes with proper construction and up to date technology.

GP Reeves Solutions:

  • The team at GP Reeves can utilize a wealth of knowledge surrounding a myriad of materials to properly dispense the material that best suits the conditions of your equipment.
  • Superior precision ensures sealant and adhesive materials are delivered exactly where they will be most beneficial to overall operations.
  • Customized equipment from GP Reeves solves your particular problem with intentional accuracy and reliable effectiveness.

Clean Energy

Rapid technology improvements and decreasing costs of renewable energy resources, along with the increased competitiveness of battery storage, have made renewables one of the most popular energy sources in many areas. To keep stakeholders and maintain prominence in the realm of energy production, nonrenewable market players should try towards increased environmental efficiency and better standards for ecological awareness.

Some options to accommodate this trend include the idea of shifting to renewable sources of electricity, even in off-grid environments, because the cost of battery packs is projected to halve from 2017 to 2030. Another economically viable decarbonization option is to electrify mining equipment, such as diesel trucks and gas-consuming appliances.

GP Reeves Solutions:

  • Our ability to support renewable energy production can benefit the goals of the nonrenewable sector with reliable versatility.
  • Battery production equipment can provide heavy duty machinery with a dependable method of renewable power.
  • Our systems have been known to decrease downtime, reduce wasted material, and improve assembly efficiency, so there is less excess energy and waste involved.

Increased Scrutiny & Oversight

Nonrenewable energy producers are increasingly in the public eye and are often poised as the target of regulators. Companies are continuously having to shift designs and implementation methods to accommodate new guidelines and resist backlash from the public.

GP Reeves Solutions:

  • Our custom machinery is designed around you and your materials, so we can support you in changing technologies.
  • High production efficiency and reliable dispensing circumvents public worry and prevents negative attention that can come from downtime or events like leaks and spills.
  • Our automated dispensing machinery allows for less worker interaction, boosting workplace safety and cost-effectiveness.

Even though the manufacturers of equipment and structures for the oil, gas, and mining industries might have to deal with extra considerations, one thing they can look forward to is continued support from GP Reeves. Our entrepreneurial spirit and relentless effort has led us to develop equipment to increase assembly line effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability. Our team isn’t satisfied until you reach your goals, and our passion is helping you get there.

Our Process for Oil, Gas, & Mining Equipment

When configuring a system for the manufacturers involved with the oil, gas, and mining industries, our engineers utilize a keen attention to detail and a results-oriented mindset to generate a solution that will help the field prosper.

  1. Analyze: The very first step of the process begins when our team consults with your engineers to determine your challenges, goals, the materials in use, the surfaces involved, and any other external conditions that should be considered.
  2. Design & Build: After thoroughly analyzing customer desires and strategically problem-solving, we assemble a state-of-the-art dispensing system and incorporate custom components if advantageous to your process.
  3. Testing: After construction is complete, we verify feasibility and functionality by testing and prototyping your most optimal dispense scenario. We replicate your assembly conditions as much as possible to ensure the advanced dispensing system you receive exceeds expectations and provides extensive benefits to your production line.
  4. Continued Support: Our team also provides installation and service support if requested. Overall, one can be assured that their assembly line will gain efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness when partnering with the team at GP Reeves.

GP Reeves Customer Testimonial:

“I couldn’t be happier with your level of engagement and effort on this.  I have to say, [a certain competitor] fell way short to matching your contribution.  I’ll definitely lead with your solutions…”

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Dispensing Solution Examples

GP Reeves has a vast array of capabilities when it comes to dispense applications. We have dozens of standard products that can each be customized to meet any specific customer need. On top of our standard product, we offer custom solutions for any material dispensing project you may have. Listed below are some of the applications that we’ve had the pleasure of working on, but if you have something that isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our sales team — they’d be happy to craft a custom application for you.

Frozen Pipeline Prevention

One worry of petroleum pipeline operators is potential freezing that can impact material streams. Frozen water or material residues within the pipeline can lead to harmful pipeline corrosion, burdensome clogs, and severe damage to the pipeline system overall. These problems cause unnecessary downtime, increased labor expenses, and limit production capacity.

Thankfully, chemicals can be applied to certain surface areas to combat potential freezing reactions. GP Reeves has a plethora of solutions to eliminate issues due to pipeline freezing. You shouldn’t have to worry about fixing freezing problems, which is why GP Reeves has developed numerous solutions to help you be proactive with your pipeline’s care.

  • GP Reeves can accurately dispense chemical materials that can prevent freezing. To inhibit reactions that would cause material to freeze, GP Reeves is able to dispense chemicals into the pipeline or wellbore with specific volumes, flows, and pressures in mind. We’re able to dispense with precision and control that our competitors can’t. Our goal is to ensure your pipeline receives the most accurate application possible.
  • Our large array of pneumatic and automated positive displacement pumps can be customized to allow for your specific chemical material’s needs. We also have a variety of options for unique curing requirements or 2k material needs, ensuring even the needs of challenging materials are met.
  • The collection of dispense valves GP Reeves offers is extensive, and we’re also able to customize valves to ensure that a dispensing application meets your exact specifications.
  • Our equipment is turn-key and manufactured in-house, meaning your problem-solving machinery will arrive ready to fight freezing. Get in touch with your leader in pipeline armory today! 

Reducing Pipeline Corrosion

Although it’s great for carrying material through various environments, the steel used to make pipelines is vulnerable to external conditions that can impact its wellbeing and durability. A material pipeline is susceptible to corrosion due to surrounding air contaminants, erosion from internal material, seasonal weather changes, and other harsh occurrences. If corrosion impacts the steel of the pipeline, the material being carried, and operations overall can be negatively impacted.

Pipelines need to stay reliable and durable, which is why GP Reeves is crucial to ensuring you put your best foot forward towards fighting corrosive influences. Our cutting-edge machinery can ensure your pipeline operations can effectively maintain proper material flow, pressure, and viscosities without influence of corrosive elements.

  • GP Reeves has state-of-the-art equipment to properly dispense chemical inhibitors, ensuring corrosion is effectively circumvented. We have a wealth of expertise surrounding a variety of materials, so we can support even the most uncommon chemical material applications.
  • Our wide range of dispensing machinery is repeatable and reliable. We can dispense a variety of chemicals with high rates of precision and accuracy with each dispense. Whether you would like dots, beads, or lines, we’ve got you covered.
  • Because we manufacture our products in-house, it is easy for us to customize our equipment to ensure it successfully propels your specific application with as much precision possible.
  • If you’d prefer a durable pipeline rather than one with high corrosion potential, get a solution from the team at GP Reeves today!

Processing Equipment

The processing equipment used for nonrenewable energy production and mining has many points of movement and have a high need for effective power generation. The friction, vibration, and harsh conditions faced by these machines can cause damage, long maintenance times, increased expenses, and equipment downtime.

To avoid these unnecessary hassles, GP Reeves has developed a multitude of dispensing technologies to assist processing equipment with effective motion and productivity. Our ability to support the processes of motors, batteries, and other power generators is also helpful when it comes to the efficient use of processing equipment.

  • The automated capabilities of equipment from GP Reeves ensure a precise dispense of material is properly delivered to the sight of machine bearings, rollers, and bushings. Using our advanced dispensing machinery, friction and ware can be radically reduced.
  • By lubricating machinery components with custom equipment from GP Reeves, your operators will no longer have to worry about downtime, maintenance needs, or lost production potentials.
  • Because processing equipment is exposed to harsh external conditions, adhesives and sealants are often used to protect certain machine components. Our machinery can complete this process efficient and effectively, ensuring your equipment is manufactured with the highest quality and durability standards possible.
  • Our unique capabilities propel the creation of advanced dispensing technology, ensuring your processing equipment assembly line is sustainable, efficient, and profitable. You need world-class technology to support your cutting-edge machinery. Find your solution with GP Reeves.

Machinery Lubrication

Machinery and heavy equipment face harsh conditions and tough requirements. Many components can benefit from proper lubrication so that friction and ware can be avoided. Components of haul trucks, loaders, excavators, and more can receive the best lubrication applications possible through our innovative dispense systems. To ensure your machinery can maintain its effectiveness, durability, and reliability, visit our heavy equipment page.

GP Reeves and the Oil, Gas, and Mining Industries

GP Reeves can provide unmatched care and attention to your unique material application. To reduce downtime, decrease wasted material and labor expenses, and increase your production capacities, utilize machinery produced by GP Reeves. Our relentless effort and superlative dedication ensure customers receive the most advanced dispensing solutions possible and can launch sustainable, world-class products at an unprecedented speed.

If your assembly line would benefit from ultimate levels of precision, reliability, and long-lasting support, you need to get in touch with GP Reeves today.

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