Heavy equipment and machinery work in harsh environments and is under constant pressure from external conditions. GP Reeves has developed a collection of dispensing systems to provide solutions as powerful and extraordinary as the heavy machinery that they support. From bonding and sealing to lubricating the most challenging of applications, our innovative engineers have successfully created unbeatable dispensing machinery for a wide array of heavy equipment applications.


Our Experience with Heavy Equipment

Many of the applications in the heavy equipment industry can be compared to those in the automotive industry, however the engineering behind them varies. Our team has accumulated a wealth of expertise within the field of heavy machinery and the tough environments its applications may face. GP Reeves has devoted endless nights and long days to create solutions that promote optimal dispense operations for this challenging field.

From lock mechanisms and steering columns to on road engines and driveshafts, we have worked on a wide variety of heavy equipment parts. Whatever needs your heavy equipment project may require, the team of skilled engineers at GP Reeves can provide an advanced, customized solution to get your machines operating.

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Successful Material Management

Whether your equipment is being used for construction, mining, trucking, or more, the team at GP Reeves recognizes the importance of its reliability and longevity. This is why we’re fiercely dedicated to proper material management and advancing continuous manufacturing dispensing success. Some examples of materials we’ve successfully delivered to heavy equipment machinery include:







Dispensing for heavy equipment

Why GP Reeves?

  • We’ve been in the dispensing business since 1971, and have collected masterful expertise in all areas of material dispensing and the materials used in even the most complex of applications.
  • We prioritize the constant development of our skills, equipment, worldviews, and culture to ensure the company you collaborate with is well-versed and continually innovative
  • Our team has experience with numerous industries around the globe, so we are prepared for the conditions of a plethora of industrial applications and their environments around the world.
  • We specialize in customizing equipment to ensure your project receives dispensing systems that will meet its unique specifications.
  • We manufacture our dispensing equipment in-house, so we can effectively monitor all stages of the development process and deliver products of high quality at unprecedented speeds.
  • All our equipment is delivered turnkey, so your machinery from GP Reeves will be ready to integrate and support your assembly line in no time!

A Few of our Satisfied Heavy Equipment Customers

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GP Reeves Customer Testimonial:

“I couldn’t be happier with your level of engagement and effort on this.  I have to say, [a certain competitor] fell way short to matching your contribution.  I’ll definitely lead with your solutions…”

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Our Process for Heavy Equipment Dispensing:

As soon as you decide to work with GP Reeves for your unique application, you’ll receive an extensive devotion from our entire team towards every granular detail of your project.

  1. Analyze: Our team will begin by assessing your application’s specifications, including its surfaces involved, the desired materials, any external conditions, and any other elements you may want considered.
  2. Design and Build: Our innovative designers then get to work on cultivating the perfect system for your application. They work diligently to create the best parts for your process, program the system with meticulous effort, and assemble the machinery with the most revolutionary concepts in the business.
  3. Testing: Our team then tests and prototypes your application in our cutting-edge lab and testing facility to verify exquisite feasibility and functionality. To do so we replicate the application details as much as possible, including the materials, the surfaces, and the environmental and atmospheric conditions.
  4. Continued Support: As soon as we confirm that the equipment is as exceptional and turnkey as can be, we get the system to your assembly line and continue to keep up with installation and follow-up support.

Think your equipment could benefit from such an intentional development process? Get in touch with our team today for a free consultation surrounding the concepts of your application.

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How Could We Help You?

GP Reeves has great potential to positively impact your energy storage assembly lines

The heavy equipment industry is evolving through its advancement in multiple sectors of the field. GP Reeves has successfully equipped these innovative segments with effective dispensing systems that help them to maximize productivity, improve worker safety, and increase profitability. Through the continual development of our standard and custom equipment options, GP Reeves is propelling the heavy equipment industry forward. Here are a few ways we’re contributing to the success of the field:

Electrification of Heavy Machinery

GP Reeves continues to push the envelope in dispensing innovation, as can be seen through the electrification of heavy machinery. GP Reeves has dispensed to the components of traditional heavy machinery for decades, but we continue to display an unmatched ability to support heavy equipment through our advanced dispensing for electrified components.

We know that supporting heavy machinery requires powerful equipment to meet the challenging environments that these types of equipment are involved with, and our dedicated team has developed a plethora of systems to help the manufacturers of this realm excel.

GP Reeves has proven its success in this area with solutions for heavy equipment battery assembly and installation components. We have an entire page dedicated to our advanced dispensing accomplishments for the battery industry, and a detailed case study on how we’ve aided customers with their own electrification processes in the past.

Examples of our work for Manufacturing Electrified Heavy Equipment:

  • Electric drivetrain assembly
  • Manufacturing of Electric fleet vehicles
  • Automated battery filling with electrolyte material
  • Battery pack assembly
  • Automated circuit sealing, and more!

Our team can’t wait to continue supporting the electrification of this industry, so get in touch with us today to launch your own dispensing success!

Current Circuit to Module Bonding

Heavy equipment continues to progress and adapt new technologies, and GP Reeves has always been along for the ride. Many heavy machinery manufacturers are applying smart technology innovations to their equipment and may require extensive precision for their applications. GP Reeves has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in this area and can configure equipment to properly support the needs of electronic systems and sensors.

We have experience working with autonomous components and electric software, and we’re enthused about future opportunities in this area of heavy machinery development. The team at GP Reeves is aware of the necessary precision, position type, viscosity, and flow volumes that are required for proper dispenses with these applications and we guarantee your application will receive intentional equipment and thoughtful considerations towards every detail of its assembly.

Examples of our work for Manufacturing Smart Technology:

  • Automated sensor sealing
  • Circuit encapsulation
  • Screen bonding
  • Electronic component seals
  • Autonomous features bonding, and more!

If you have a heavy equipment project dealing with the integration of smart technology, you’ll want the best team for the job. Give us a call today to learn how we can elevate your assembly process.

    Construction Equipment

    GP Reeves has prepared numerous solutions to ensure your equipment is ready for the long haul even amidst some of the most demanding of operations. Our team has dispensed a wide array of materials to construction equipment to ensure proper lubrication, bonding, sealing, and more. We utilize our decades of dispensing experience and extensive knowledge of the construction industry to cultivate the most advanced dispensing solutions possible.

    In addition to our line of standard dispensing products, we have also developed a multitude of customized solutions for manufacturers within the industry. Our engineers work to thoroughly consider each aspect of construction machinery, including potential for contamination, enduring operational times, and intense pressure loads to ensure our dispensing equipment can provide elevated machine longevity and effectiveness.

    Examples of our work with Manufacturing Construction Machinery:

    • Automated excavation equipment lubrication
    • Hauling machinery lubrication
    • Automated drivetrain assembly
    • Prefabricated construction
    • Dispensing for insulation and roofing
    • Manufacturing of flooring components
    • Pin Bushings lubrication
    • Cable manufacturing, and more!

    Get in touch with us today to see how we can elevate your construction machinery with our revolutionary dispensing products!

    Mining Machinery

    For the needs of such a rigorous industry, GP Reeves has developed a myriad of standard and custom systems to ensure our dispensing equipment can keep up with this field’s challenging demands. We have a variety of solutions to assist in all stages of the mining process, including the fleets used for mining applications, machinery within a mine’s processing plant, and in-mine production equipment.

    Our dispensing equipment can assist with waste transfer, lubrication, surface preparation equipment, structural reinforcement, and overall operatory success. We have cultivated extensive expertise with a vast array of greases, oils, adhesives, sealants, RTV materials, epoxies, and more to ensure we can accurately and reliably dispense even the most complex of materials to your mining application.

    Examples of our work with Manufacturing Mining Equipment:

    • Oil and Grease Dispensing for Preventative Maintenance
    • Conveyor lubrication
    • Lubrication and sealing of comminution equipment
    • Processing equipment manufacturing
    • In-mine equipment dispensing
    • Loading and hauling equipment manufacturing
    • Separating material machinery, and more!

    If you want a team that can keep up with the vigor and intensity of your powerful mining equipment, you need the innovative team at GP Reeves. We have additional information about our capabilities for the mining industry on our Oil, Gas, and Mining webpage.

    Trucking Components

    GP Reeves has spent over 50 years developing solutions to optimize trucking components and fleet longevity. Our dispensing equipment has been configured and customized to effectively elevate the abilities of manufactures within this realm of heavy equipment and we’re always enthused about the next challenge faced by the industry.

    Our innovative dispensing machinery has assisted with electrification operations, truck assembly, component maintenance, and fleet innovation to maximize this field’s efficiencies and effectiveness. Utilizing knowledge of unique materials and the conditions of trucking applications around the world, our team has successfully delivered the most advanced dispensing solutions possible to the manufacturers of this industry.

    Examples of our work with Manufacturing Trucking Components:

    • Automated drivetrain assembly
    • Lubrication of wheel components
    • Engine lubrication
    • Body & exterior assembly
    • Electric motors
    • Gearbox housings
    • Lubrication for crankshafts
    • Differentials, and more!

    Our goal is to ensure you can get the most miles out of your fleet, and our equipment has been sophistically developed to ensure it takes a long time to get there.

    Pellet Manufacturers & Preventative Maintenance

    One area of the food and agriculture industry we often serve is pellet making. Pellet manufacturers globally trust GP Reeves to dispense accurate amounts of preventative maintenance lubricants to the components of their pelletizers. With our unique ability to customize equipment, automate dispensing systems, and simplify manufacturing processes, GP Reeves empowers pellet makers to perform at their best. Learn more about how we make a difference in pellet mill lubrication today!

    Heavy Equipment Maintenance<br />
    Agricultural Equipment<br />

    Agricultural Equipment

    For an industry as robust as the field of agricultural machinery, GP Reeves has developed a vast array of dispensing solutions to ensure manufacturers have access to the most advanced dispensing equipment on the globe. Because the realm of agricultural equipment is so diverse, we’ve dedicated an entire webpage for our resources regarding the industry. For more information on our progressive capabilities for the field of agriculture, visit our agricultural page!

    Application Examples


    We have designed custom systems for several parts of automotive transmission. The highlighted videos feature a custom transmission plug greasing machine and a transmission filling system. Our filling systems ensure the exact amount of liquid is quickly and accurately dispensed. The transmission plug system was used to prevent external contaminants from entering during assembly.

    Wheel Bore

    Our systems have supported a variety of wheel bore projects. The example above showcases an automated system which secured the tire and used a rotating spray nozzle to grease the inner diameter of the wheel bore, assisting in attachment to vehicle rims.

    Steering Column

    Our standard spray nozzles paired with an AA dispenser led to the uniform coverage of the customer’s steering column. The AA ensured only airless grease would be dispensed onto the part, guaranteeing long-term lubrication of the steering column.

    Want to Elevate your Heavy Equipment?

    The team of GP Reeves consists of experts with a diverse background in the dispensing industry. We’re prepared to provide your application with the most advanced dispensing solutions possible and desire to effectively promote successful and long-lasting operations of your machinery. If you want to propel your machinery with the most revolutionary dispensing equipment on the globe, you need to partner with the innovators at GP Reeves. To elevate your current methods or cultivate new ones, get in touch with us today!

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