The sky is truly the limit when your aerospace manufacturing process is supported by the reliable, cutting-edge dispensing equipment of GP Reeves. Our team has blended decades of successful dispensing experience with a well-cultivated knowledge of the aerospace industry to create functional dispensing systems that elevate the operations of this innovative field.

Our Experience

For decades, GP Reeves has aspired to develop the most advanced dispensing machinery on the globe. Our team has skillfully engineered numerous top-notch dispensing machines to elevate multiple sectors of the aerospace industry. From flight propulsion systems to interior overhead fans, the innovators at GP Reeves have cultivated a wealth of expertise in the proper material delivery methods for a vast array of aviation applications.

No matter the material needed, our experts can support aerospace development with a sophisticated dispensing solution. We have experience with a multitude of lubricating, sealing, filling, and bonding materials and can effectively ensure your application’s delivery has the most accurate dispense possible.

Additionally, our team can efficiently customize dispensing systems to meet the unique specifications of your aerospace project. GP Reeves strives to exceed the expectations of those involved in the aerospace landscape and we’re determined to provide the most prestigious solutions possible.


How You’ll Fly Higher:

  • Higher product quality and increased production efficiency from our consistent and repeatable dispensing equipment.
  • Less wasted material, decreased labor expenses, and increased workplace safety from the intense precision of our machinery
  • Your application’s exact specifications will be met by our skillful ability to customize and configure our dispensing machinery.
  • Increase your yield capacity and productivity with our automated dispensing equipment
  • We have decades worth of expertise with numerous materials, so your material of choice will be delivered properly and intentionally.

Product Quality

Increased Worker

Production Efficiency

Growth in

Reduced Wasted


Labor Costs

Easier Operation

“The aerospace manufacturing industry is under more pressure than ever before. From increased regulations to never-before seen methods of flight, the industry is constantly challenged by new demands. Thanks to GP Reeves, the industry has a partner it can rely on for successful, consistent, and dependable dispensing”

– Aerospace Manufacturing Specialist

Some of Our Customers:

Our Process for Aerospace Dispensing Solutions

When partnering with GP Reeves on an aerospace application, you will gain the skills and expertise of a diverse team of innovators.

  1. Analyze: We’ll begin the project by intricately analyzing the details of your application, including the materials used, surfaces involved, environmental conditions it might face, and regulations that should be considered.
  2. Design & Build: After examining every aspect of the project with a keen attention to detail, our engineers meticulously configure the best parts, programming methods, and processes to provide you with the most optimal dispensing solution possible.
  3. Testing: At our cutting-edge lab and testing facility, we prototype and test the machinery to verify feasibility and functionality. Our team replicates your application as closely as possible, including its environment, surfaces, materials, and any other considerations as much as possible.
  4. Continued Support: After we’ve confirmed that the machinery is the best it can be, we provide integration assistance and follow up support to ensure continued application care. With the masterful determination of the team at GP Reeves, you’ll get components ready for take off more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Get ready for take-off with the most advanced dispensing technology available. Get in touch with GP Reeves today so we can show you that the sky is truly the limit!

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Proof of our Precision

GP Reeves has assisted in numerous applications across a wide array of industries. Our team has advanced innovations with our precise dispensing equipment and our keen attention to detail. We can successfully deliver material to aerospace components for bonding, sealing, filling, coating, lubricating and more. Here are some of the ways in which we can benefit aerospace projects. If you don’t see your application, don’t fret. Our innovators love new projects! Get in touch with us today to see how we can serve your aerospace project

  • Sealing of aircraft doors
  • Lubrication of propulsion motors
  • Floor and structural bonding
  • Honeycomb interior filling
  • Wing and spar sealing
  • Material delivery to flight control gears
  • Aircraft bracket and clip sealing
  • Coating engine blades
  • Seating structure assembly
  • Avionics material dispensing
  • Insulation component bonding

Areas of GP Reeves Expertise

The complex network of segments that comprises the aerospace industry is supported in numerous ways by the innovative systems of GP Reeves. From checking baggage to preparing for take-off, each part of the aviation process is assisted with standard and “custom” configurations from our advanced facility. Our team of experts has worked to meticulously develop unparalleled solutions for a wide array of industry operations. Some areas we’ve worked with include:

Commercial and General Aviation

The commercial and general aviation segment is one of significant importance to markets everywhere. GP Reeves is well-established in this sector and has advanced innovation with our effective and reliable dispensing machinery.

We can successfully create solutions for:

  • Commercial aircraft
  • Business jets
  • Helicopters
  • Personal aircraft
  • Airplane engines
  • Flight controls
  • Avionics
  • Interior components
  • Wing structure, and more!

GP Reeves is well poised to provide precise and intentional dispensing to the aspects of this subsector.

    Airport Infrastructure & Ground Equipment

    The flights that transport the globe are empowered by effective airport infrastructures, ground equipment, and off-equipment service machinery. GP Reeves can reliably aid in the proper material delivery to these types of applications and further propel the aerospace landscape.

    Some of the areas we’re able to support include:

    • Ground vehicle development
    • Machinery testing equipment
    • Flight sustainability components
    • Aviation security
    • Hauling equipment
    • Interior building
    • Conveyors, and more!

    Companies can rely on GP Reeves to provide strategically advanced solutions for their realm of the aerospace sector. Get in touch today to see how we can develop a solution for you!

      Military & Defense Aviation

      The realm of military and defense aviation involves the manufacturing of combat and non-combat aircraft and related systems. There exists a need for extreme precision and application longevity, which is why most developers choose the reliable team at GP Reeves. Our advanced technology has helped with the development of several components for the sector.

      Some include:

      • Transports
      • Fighter aircraft
      • Patrol aviation technology
      • Bombers
      • Helicopters
      • Unmanned aerial systems
      • Radars
      • Guidance systems
      • Reconnaissance technologies
      • Surveillance systems, and more!

      GP Reeves can successfully apply material to numerous components involved in this sector, find out how we can elevate your manufacturing process today!

        Space Travel

        The space industry is constantly growing as interest increases toward the exploration of the final fronter. GP Reeves is enthused about the possibilities that exist through space travel and we’re thrilled to support the industry with our advanced dispensing technology.

        Here are a few applications we can successfully elevate:

        • Space launch vehicles
        • Satellites
        • Space craft
        • Ground systems
        • Radar technology, and more!

        GP Reeves is enthused about effectively applying even the most complex of materials to these unique components. Get in touch with one of our experts today to see how we can innovate your space equipment assembly process!

          Drones & Unmanned Aircraft

          Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and drones are emerging as beneficial resources for military, research, and recreational uses. A significant growth segment for this area of aerospace comes from the potential of drone delivery systems, which are already being researched and developed for retail giants like Amazon and Walmart. There’s also been a lot of recent advancement in the concept of air taxis and autonomous civilian transportation. GP Reeves is adept in innovation, and our team is eager to continue supporting this sector’s advancement.

          Some of the components we’ve supported in this sector include:

          • UAS electronic systems
          • Wing components
          • Engines
          • Powertrain
          • Weatherproofing, and more!

          As this segment continues to evolve, GP Reeves will be ready to propel its innovators ahead of competition with our advanced dispensing technology. Find out more by getting in touch with one of our experts!


            The aerospace sector contributes to a significant portion of the earth’s pollution. Analysts approximate that aviation is accountable for at least 2-3% of the earth’s anthropogenic CO2 emissions and just under 5% of radiative forcing. Because of this, one of the Aerospace Industry’s most recent focuses has been on efforts to decarbonize. Flights produce a considerable amount of the earth’s C02 emissions, and GP Reeves is determined to help the industry lower this environmentally harmful production. Find out more about our take on this sustainable endeavor.

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