From surgical instruments to basic syringes, GP Reeves dispensing systems have played a role in a tremendous amount of medical endeavors for companies such as Stryker, UroLift and more!

Our Experience with Medical

GP Reeves has worked with a variety of medical device companies. We are honored to be able to aid in the construction of equipment that helps save lives and keep communities healthy. All aspects contributing to the development of these life saving devices are crucial, which is why our ultra-precise dispensers are vital to these solutions.

Non-Surgical Instruments

We have greased instruments that are used in a variety of non-surgical procedures. Ensuring life-saving equipment stays lubricated to ensure consistent smooth movement is essential to these devices.

A1C Monitor

Our solution for this application ensured battery tabs on both sides of the device were properly greased prior to assembly to prevent corrosion. The customized dispensing system brought both parts into an enclosed area prior for dispensing ensuring a safe process.


GP Reeves has designed solutions for the safety and precision required by medical devices. Using our highly precise servo dispensers, we distributed oil to the inside of pharmaceutical syringes, allowing for ease and efficiency of the product during medical procedures. This specialized system utilized our radial cone spray nozzles allowing the same system to be used for multiple sizes of syringes.

Hospital Beds

GP Reeves has assisted in the process of lubricating hospital beds to ensure reliability and durability in the process of patient care. Our innovative devices help with steering equipment, headrest and knee controls, side rail guides, patient restraints, and CPR systems in addition to many other hospital bed components.

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