Oil Source

The first step in your dispensing process is getting your oil into the dispensing system. Our oil sources come as stand alone pumps that can be attached directly to the original container, or as pumps/reservoirs that allow you to pour your oil into a separate reservoir. We also offer oil pressure vessels which act as a pump, reservoir, and a pressure regulator all in one. Regardless of which option you go with, there are a variety of options to ensure the oil source meets your needs.

Selection Guide

Prior to selecting an oil source, you should decide how your oil will be purchased, and if you plan to pump directly from the purchased container. Pumping directly from the original container means you won’t have to worry about pouring oil into a separate container, but can slow down or stop the dispensing process when the container is empty. Utilizing a separate reservoir paired with a low level sensor ensures the dispensing process won’t have to be stopped. If you choose to use a separate reservoir, you’ll have to select the size you need. Oil pumps come in a variety of boost ratios with various sensor options.

Oil Pressure Vessel

The OPV series contains oil pressure vessels with options for including a pump or a sensor.

Oil Pumps

The OP series includes the pump that sits directly onto the oil container.

Oil Reservoirs

Our Oil Reservoir series is made of heavy duty steel to ensure strong support designed for gravity feed.

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