Oil End Points

Oil end points ensure that oil is distributed to a part according to your exact specifications. GP Reeves offers a variety of end points that ensure the needs of your application process are met. Whether distributing oil to a large surface area, or one that might have an uneven surface, GP Reeves is sure to supply an oil endpoint that meets your applications needs.

Selection Guide

When selecting an end point for your oil dispensing processes, it’s important to note how exactly you would like your oil distributed. Identify the pattern the material should be distributed in, the width/span of delivery desired, and the thickness of the oil being dispensed prior to talking to our sales team. We have curated a line of valves and nozzles to dispense oil onto a variety of surfaces at certain angles and in varying volumes to ensure accuracy for your specific operation.

Dispense Valves

Dispense valves provide crisp shutoff when mounted at the point of dispense, can ensure material holds a steady pressure and are available in a wide range of configurations.

G-Force Nozzles

G-Force nozzles use centrifugal force to dispense material in a radial pattern on the inner diameter of a part in a film or ring patterns. The nozzle includes a check valve near the tip to prevent dripping.

Spray Nozzles

 Spray nozzles atomize and spray material for an even dispense onto material. GP Reeves offers a variety of spray nozzles to meet the needs of your material and/or surface.

Zone Valves

Zone valves are used between dispensers and nozzles to allow for the utilization of just one dispenser for multiple outlet stations.

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