Spray Nozzles

Air assisted spray nozzles help deliver material to the part in all types of applications.

Features and Benefits

    • Spray nozzle options exist for a variety of surface area coverage types.
    • Nozzles can work with all viscosities of material
    • Spray nozzles help to deliver material to tough-to-reach places.

Configuration Options

    • Mounting Varieties
    • Assorted Inlet Port Choices
    • Various Spray Angles

Product Details

Spray nozzles from GP Reeves ensure material arrives to the part even in the most arduous of application processes. Our spray nozzles atomize and spray material rather than pushing out material like other popular nozzle types. Our spray nozzles feature several shape options that each meet a different application need.

Solid Cone (SC)

  • Great for spraying a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Works with all viscosities of material.
  • Smaller spray shape leads to a more compact distribution of material.

Fine Cone (FC)

  • Perfect for applications where uniform coverage is critical. 
  • Accommodates thick and thin materials. 
  • Its narrow shape means material sprayed is distributed more compactly.

External Mix (EM)

  • Work well with less viscous materials like oil. 
  • Atomizes the material, making it great for applications where a large surface area needs to be covered.

Radial Cone (RC)

  • Useful for spraying the inside of a bore.
  • Works well with most oil and thin greases. 
  • Its endpoints sit in a radial pattern around the nozzle’s end, so a thin distribution along the sides of a cylinder can be produced.

Airless Shot (AS)

  • Works great with thin oil, up to 30 weight. 
  • Nozzle provides a clean shot without dripping. 
  • Includes a built in check valve to prevent dripping.

Hollow Cone (HC)

  • Beneficial for spraying a surface where a large surface area is required. 
  • Sprays material in a wider circular pattern with less material in the middle.
  • Works well with oil and thin grease, but isn’t recommended for use with thicker greases.

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