G-Force Nozzles for Oil

G-Force nozzles for oil feature a patented radial spray design to lubricate the inner diameter of hollow parts.

G-Force Oil Nozzle

Features and Benefits

    • Dispense oil in a uniform radial pattern on the inner diameter of a part.
    • G-Force Nozzles include a check valve near the tip to prevent oil dripping.

Configuration Options

G-Force Nozzles are available in a variety of configurations:

    • Various Nozzle Lengths
    • Mounting
    • Included Dispensers

Product details

G-Force Nozzles are bore dispensing nozzles that deliver oil in a radial pattern to the inner diameter of a part. There are two oil spray patterns possible with the G-Force, rings and film. Our standard G-Force Nozzles have length options up to 6” and can spray in objects with diameters as low as 1.125 inches. With this, modification options exist, allowing for the radial dispense of oils in tubes up to 5 feet in length. This version is recommended for materials under 10000 cP, though a version for more viscous oils is available.

The standard electric G-Force requires a GFCM controller which can connect to a PLC panel or come integrated into its own enclosure. Controllers can provide feedback to the machine that the nozzle is spinning and detect fail dispenses. G-Force Nozzles for Oil are often paired with AA9 Servo Oil Dispensers and servo motion setups for continuous, even coating dispenses. The nozzle includes a check valve near the tip to prevent dripping.

Oil G-Force In Action:

We can tell you all about how cool our radial spraying oil G-Force is all day, but how about we show you? Take a look at this quick clip depicting the power of our beloved G-Force!

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