G-Force Nozzles for Grease

G-Force nozzles are the perfect solution for greasing the inner diameter of any part. With a variety of nozzle lengths and widths available, there is a solution for every application.

Features and Benefits

    • G-Force nozzles can dispense grease in a radial pattern on the inner diameter of a part.
    • This nozzle can dispense in rings or film. 
    • Controllers can provide feedback on the nozzle’s spin and dispenses.

Configuration Options

    • Nozzle Type and Length
    • Disk Style
    • Dispense Valve
    • Controllers

Product details

The G-Force is a dispensing nozzle that dispenses material in a radial pattern on the inner diameter of a part. The standard electric G-Force requires a GFCM controller which can connect to a PLC panel or come integrated into its own enclosure. Controllers can provide feedback to the machine that the nozzle is spinning and detect failed dispenses. 

There are two spray patterns possible with the G-Force: rings and film. Standard G-Force nozzles have length options up to 6” and can spray in objects with diameters as low as 1.125 inches. Inline models are also available, these can fit into objects with diameters above 2.5 inches, and can be modified to dispense in tubes with lengths up to 5 feet. This version is recommended for materials above 5000 cP, though a liquid version for less viscous materials is available.

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