Axis Saver Robot Greaser

The Axis Saver is engineered to significantly reduce the expensive time and material constraints of robot maintenance lubrication.

an AxisSaver system

Customer Case Study

Problem: A global OEM was spending too much on robot maintenance for 160 robots.

    • 160 pails of lubricant
    • 640 hours of labor
    • Lubricant/labor cost over $100,000

Solution: Purchased and implemented a single Axis Saver™ unit.

    • 120 pails of lubricant
    • 160 hours of labor
    • Lubricant/labor cost less than $55,000

How It Works:

    • Axis Saver™ is moved into place near robot cell.
    • Air/electrical connections are made from cart to facility supply.
    • Make incoming connections from cart to robot.
    • Make evacuated lubricant connections from robot to purge pail.
    • Cycle is started via the HMI or cycle start button.
    • During the cycle, samples are collected and tested via the sample ports on the outlet hoses.
    • Further cycles are run based on test results.
    • Disconnect all hoses and return to the cart.
    • Axis Saver™ moves to the next robot in the facility.

The Axis Saver In Action:

If you want your robots to last in your production, maintenance should be the top priority. However, manual greasing can lead to wasted material, excess labor, and blown seals. Incorporating an Axis Saver into your maintenance routine can solve these issues and keep your robots in pristine condition. Learn more about it operates here:

Product details

Robots are the workhorses of your production lines and their axes should be efficiently maintenanced to keep them working. The Axis Saver has time savings of at least 78% and a material savings of at least 25%. Anchored on an industrial cart with four-wheel steering, the Axis Saver can be hitched to any powered cart or fork lift to be easily transported around the facility. The all-inclusive cart is designed to stay in the aisle, outside the robot cell, while dispensers provide airless lubricant via hoses to the axes of the robot. 

Pressure sensors are used to ensure proper installation and target lubricant pressure. The robot outlet hoses capture evacuated lubricant in a purge pail during the process to allow technicians to leave the cell just as clean as they found it. All hoses are equipped with quick-disconnect fittings to allow leak-free connections without tools.

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