Adhesives and Sealants Dispensing Products

Adhesives and sealants are arguably some of the toughest materials to dispense, because of this, they require a lot of extra care. Luckily, we have spent countless hours perfecting our processes to ensure accurate and repeatable dispensing of even the trickiest materials. Our entire adhesive and sealant product category has been outlined to showcase which products work for which materials, though if your material is unique, please reach out – we’d love to help you find a solution. 

Why Choose GP Reeves Adhesive and Sealant Dispensing Products?

When materials can cure from light, air, or temperature, it’s important to protect them from these elements. That’s why we’ve engineered a variety of solutions to help keep your materials safe from unwanted curing in the dispensing process. From nitrogen blankets to protect from moisture in the air, to blackout covers to protect from light, to heated hoses and inductors to ensure any thick materials continue moving, we’ve thought of it all.

We have standard products that ensure a safe dispensing process from pump to nozzle. Each product category features its own set of modifications that allow the product to work for even the trickiest of materials. We even have AA systems for two component (2k) materials that ensure accurate dispensing and mixing of materials.

If you’re still wondering what we can bring your manufacturing process, take a look at some of the improvements we’ve provided to other customers:

      • Improved warehouse productivity
      • Substantially reduced downtime
      • Increased production capacity
      • Growth in profitability
      • Enhanced product quality
      • Elevated workplace safety

Our Experience with Adhesive and Sealant Dispensing:

GP Reeves has diligently worked to develop the most advanced solutions for adhesive and sealant dispensing. We’ve customized systems to deliver material to a wide range of surfaces for an immense collection of industries. Additionally, GP Reeves has worked with a myriad of different adhesive and sealant materials. Some examples of projects GP Reeves has helped with include:

      • Sealing of agricultural tractor transaxle housing
      • Adhesion of autonomous vehicle sensors onto surface components
      • Delivering material to battery cells and modules
      • Bonding of interior cabinet components

Initial Considerations

Understanding your material is going to be key when choosing dispensing products for adhesives and sealants. Though we’ve generalized which products will work for what material, each material is special, and it’s always recommended to meet with our sales team before making any purchase. That being said, when choosing a pump, it’s important to know what kind of container your material arrives in. We offer a variety of pumps with different rams and inductor options to ensure it’ll be perfect for your material’s viscosity and container size. 

System Examples

Given the unusual nature of some adhesives and sealants, it’s important to know that every part of your dispensing system will react well with the material and not cause any premature curing. When working with GP Reeves, you can be confident that your entire system will be safe for any type of material you’re working with. Below are some examples of what different systems might look like with different adhesive and sealant materials, but keep in mind that every system is different. Our sales team is always available to work with you to ensure that your system will meet all the needs of both your application and your material.

Adhesives and Sealants Sources

To dispense material, you first have to get the material out of its original container. GP Reeves manufactures reliable single and dual post ram pumps for imperial (USA) and metric-sized containers. All pump options from GP Reeves include a pump, inductor seals, single or double post rams, a ram control valve, pump air pressure regulators, and ram air pressure regulators. GP Reeves offers pumps for UV cure and moisture cure materials to ensure that your material’s specifications for dispensing are met. 

For some materials, pressure pots are also an option when feeding low pressure dispensers. Pressure pots (also known as pressure vessels) are a great alternative to a pump for use with low viscosity liquid and dispensers with low inlet pressure requirements. They work great for moisture cure adhesives, solvent based lubricants, and alcohol. Pressure pots are available in various sizes with an optional mixing agitator for materials that may settle.

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Adhesives and Sealants Preparation

Preparation equipment produced by GP Reeves works to ensure that adhesive and sealant materials are processed in a manner that allows them to be correctly supplied to dispensers. Regulators for adhesives and sealants reduce the supply pressure of the material to ensure it enters the dispenser with the correct pressure. GP Reeves also produces material filters for adhesives and sealants which are ideal for the protection of your dispensing equipment, though they cannot be used on more sensitive materials. These devices have “inside-out” flow paths that allow the filtered contamination to be removed from the element.

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Adhesives and Sealants Dispensers

GP Reeves has worked for years to meticulously develop a variety of dispense systems perfect for a wide assortment of materials and specificities. Our PLC controlled AA dispensers for adhesives and sealants detect and reject air and dispense material at controlled rates for even distribution. We offer pneumatic and servo-driven dispensers and have varieties of each for UV and moisture cure materials. AA4 and AA5 series are pneumatic dispensers, whereas AA6 and AA7 are servo-driven. AA5 and AA7 dispensers are designed for dispensing moisture cure materials and feature an oil U-cup around the metering rod to act as an airtight barrier to prevent material from curing in the test chamber. AA4 and AA6 dispensers are designed for dispensing UV cure materials and feature blackout covers to block light where the rod is exposed to prevent material from curing in the test chambers in addition to the oil U-cup. We also offer an AA7-2K dispenser which is servo-driven and has been engineered to dispense two part materials. It’s available in multiple size combinations to accommodate different mixing ratios.  


In addition to AA dispensers, we also have two GPMD dispensers for adhesives and sealants. GPMD12000 dispensers are low pressure, moisture cure dispensers that are base-mountable, air-operated, and adjustable. They feature an oil-sealed piston chamber which protects material from curing and has an oil level indicator that displays when oil should be added. It can dispense material amounts from 0.02 to 6.20 cc of moisture cure materials. We also have the GPMD3200 series which is a high-pressure dispenser that works well for dispensing amounts from 0.05 cc to 210 cc. Like all our dispensers, the GPMD3200 dispensers use positive displacement for accurate repetitive dispensing regardless of temperature and viscosity changes.

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Adhesives and Sealants End Points

As leaders of material dispensing, GP Reeves has worked to develop a collection of effective end of arm valves and nozzles to appropriately apply material to various parts. We offer adhesive and sealant zone valves to allow for dispensing from multiple outlets based on a single inlet. These are great options since they only require the management of a single dispenser unit. In addition, GP Reeves also manufactures adhesive and sealant dispense valves which maintain material pressure while preventing oozing at the nozzle tip for cleaner applications. We have also developed dispense valves for 2K which maintain independent operation of materials until they reach the mixing tube.

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Adhesives and Sealants Accessories

GP Reeves has created a variety of adhesive and sealant accessories to properly support dispense processes. Flow and pressure confirmation devices confirm the presence of flow or pressure for critical dispense points. These devices are designed to mount between a positive displacement dispenser and the end of arm tooling. GP Reeves can provide standard and customized control packages which can be supported through remote support devices which allow for remote connection to equipment and will work with all major PLC/HMI manufacturers. 

We also offer heated hoses to be used with all heated systems.

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What Does it Look Like to Get a Adhesive or Sealant Solution from GP Reeves?

The team at GP Reeves has collected decades of experience solving some of the biggest oil application challenges. We’ve partnered with a plethora of OEMs, integrators, distributors, and end users to create custom solutions for applications such as robotic oil lubrication, oil applications to motor components, and oil delivery to advanced medical technology. While we can dispense oil to a wide range of applications, the process for each looks similar. The steps we take to provide you with the ultimate oil dispensing solution include:

      1. Analyze: Our experts work hard to diligently analyze the goals of each project and assess the needs of each component. The characteristics of each surface, the specifications of each material, the environmental conditions involved, and each assembly part are carefully examined to make sure the most optimum solution is crafted for your oil dispense.
      2. Design: Once a complete assessment of the application’s components has been conducted, our crew intricately designs each part of an oil dispensing system with unique capabilities, ensuring that it will maximize the potential of your production line and provide an excellent oil solution.
      3. Assembly: After our team feels as though the design has exceeded our customer’s expectations, we manufacture custom and standard products in house, ensuring our oil dispense system will effectively integrate with the customer’s current processes.
      4. Testing: GP Reeves replicates the eventual atmospheric conditions, oil materials, space, and any other factors to validate the oil dispensing process as best as possible.
      5. Continued Support: Even after we have verified feasibility and functionality, we also offer installation services and support for all our oil dispensing products. We are dedicated to your production success for the long haul.

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