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Grease Filter Assembly - 3/8" NPT


GP Reeves understands that material filters play a critical role in your dispense system which is why we have engineered a line of filters and replaceable elements that maintain material quality, prevent downtime, and ensure consistency. 

Electronic Pressure Sensor: EPS1001 | 870 max psi, Inline


We offer a wide range of sensors capable of sensing flow, pressure, and volume. Many of these sensors can be used alone or as an accessory on a dispenser.  

Pressure Regulator GPR5000-3000-450: 3000 psi Inlet, 450 psi Outlet

Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulation is key to ensuring your dispense system functions as anticipated. GP Reeves offers various pressure regulators that are compatible with grease, oil, adhesives, sealants, and more!

Dispense Valve DV1003-4M Series - 1/8" NPT Ports,1500 PSI


GP Reeves offers dispense valves, cartridge valves, and ball valves. Our dispense and cartridge valves ensure material holds pressure throughout the system. All ball valves feature lockout tagout compatibility. 

Chain Lubricant - one gallon

Chain Lubricants

We offer a range of lubricant designed specifically for various conveyor chain lubrication applications. These oils are ideal for use with our Chain Lubricators.  

Repair kit for Grease Dispenser GSS-014-MD: RPKGSS-014-MD

Repair Kits

GP Reeves is dedicated to the longevity of our products. Because of this, we offer repair kits and seal kits for the wearable components of many of our dispensers.

Wet-Sol Pump Solvent


From solvents to inductor liners, we offer replaceable products that keep your automation systems up and running.

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