Grease Preparation

By utilizing grease preparation devices from GP Reeves, you will ensure that only clean, airless, grease with the correct pressure is delivered to your dispenser. Our variety of filters, regulators, and air removal processes work to maintain grease at the exact specifications of your dispensing needs. The use of grease preparation tools will facilitate ideal conditions for your material as it moves from source to dispense. 

Why Grease Preparation from GP Reeves?

We know the ins and outs of grease like the back of our hand – we have been dispensing it for over 5 decades after all. Along the way we’ve learned what to do, but also what not to do, and we’re excited to pass this knowledge along to our customers. Some of the worst things you can do to your dispensing equipment are feed it with a material containing debris or material that is being moved at the wrong pressure. Plus, if you are working with small dispense volumes, or an application that requires extreme precision, you’ll want to be confident the material being dispensed does not contain any air. Luckily, GP Reeves had designed (and in some cases patenteded) products to solve all of these major issues. Some common benefits of our grease preparation products include: 

      • Our patented air removal process ensures only airless grease enters your manufacturing process
      • Material will be kept clean and free from foreign contamination or debris
      • Pressure supplied can be reliably maintained with our dependable devices
      • Our equipment can be customized to meet your most unique of preparation needs

GP Reeves Customer Testimonial

“The only company that could give me the clean, airless material I needed was GP Reeves. Their filters took care of my sensitive grease material, and their Pump with GUS was the perfect solution to my application”

Grease Preparation

Grease Preparation Process

When customers come to GP Reeves seeking solutions to enhance their grease material’s cleanliness, functionality, and reliability, their expectations are often succeeded. Our grease preparation devices alleviate plenty of hassles surrounding proper material management. From ridding grease of foreign contaminants to regulating the supply pressure as greases flow through a system, our line of preparation machinery ensures your production can confidently rely on the quality of its grease material. To ensure you maximize the ease of integration and system dependability, our team is also happy to supply other components needed for a favorable dispensing process. Get in touch with us today to amplify the quality of your grease dispensing system! 

GUS System in Action

One of our most popular grease preparation devices is the GUS. This system makes sure that there are no air bubbles or pockets in your dispensing process. Check out our product video to learn more information about the GUS system!

Grease Preparation Selection Guide

When considering the best preparation devices to optimize your grease dispensing procedures, it is advantageous to consider a few key aspects of your process. If debris exposure is a concern, we recommend a grease filter to mitigate potential contamination. These devices ensure only clean grease moves through your dispensing system.  

For procedures that require a specific pressure maintenance (which is most of them), we offer grease pressure regulators to ensure the material is maintained at the optimal pressure for your dispenser.  Additionally, GP Reeves has a patented air removal process that ensures only airless grease is dispensed. This can be immensely useful in critical applications when the presence of air bubbles could cause harm to the grease dispense process or the final part.  

All preparation devices can be used individually or can be paired together, and while they’re all technically optional, we strongly recommend the use of one or all of them in critical applications. 

Grease Filters

Grease Filter

Grease filters are ideal for protection of pressure regulators, dispensers, and other sensitive components. They help to ensure that metal chips, foreign material, and other debris don’t get into the material and clog or damage the dispensing system.

Grease Pressure Regulators

Grease Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators are often needed to reduce the supply pressure to the dispenser since most air-operated pumps cannot supply material at low enough pressures.


GUS air removal system

A GUS uses our patented air removal process that ensures airless grease in your manufacturing process. There are single and dual test chamber variations available for a wide variety of output options.

Pump with GUS

Pump with GUS

Our Pump with GUS is our patented air removal process with an integrated pump to feed dispensers with airless grease.

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