Grease Pressure Regulators

Most dispensers require material to have pressure much lower than pumps can put out. To reduce the pressure between these two steps in the dispensing process, we recommend using a grease pressure regulator.

Features and Benefits

    • Push to purge simplifies the cleaning process.
    • Grease pressure regulators have a tungsten carbide poppet providing for the longer life of a system.
    • Grease pressure regulators present an accurate outlet pressure.
    • These devices are for use with high-pressure material pumps.
    • Grease pressure regulators have a durable 303 grade stainless steel adjustment knob and internals (MPR Series Regulators).

Configuration Options

    • Aluminum and Stainless Steel
    • Dial Gauge or Electronic Gauge with Pressure Switch
    • Ball Valve and Grease Filters

Product details

Our regulator options include the MPR and GPR5000 Series. Both series are designed for use with high-pressure material pumps and provide an accurate outlet pressure. They contain a Tungsten Carbide poppet and seat for an extended life, and include brackets for standard extrusion or tabletop mounting. 

MPRs have a maximum inlet pressure of 3,500 PSI, and outlet pressure up to 500 PSI. They come standard with a durable 303 stainless steel adjustment knob and internals. Unlike most regulators on the market, MPRs include a push to purge feature which simplifies the cleaning process. It’s important to note that MPR series regulators are not for use with material that contains any particles such as Teflon, Moly, Graphite, and more. GPR5000 Series Regulators, on the other hand, will work with all of these materials. GPR5000s provide consistent pressure regulation with an easy pressure adjustment accomplished with an included wrench. With maximum inlet pressure up to 6,000 PSI and an outlet pressure range of 30 – 3000 PSI, there are options for all applications.

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