Our patented air removal process ensures airless grease in your manufacturing process.

Features and Benefits

    • GUS systems have been built to ensure only the presence of airless grease in your system.
    • One GUS can feed multiple meters or dispensers with airless grease.
    • An optional second test chamber allows for a higher flow rate of grease.
    • Dispensing during pail or drum changes is an option with an outlet accumulator, or in some cases, a second test chamber.

Configuration Options

    • Test Chamber Volume and Amount
    • Outlet Accumulator
    • Material Output Rates
    • Standard or Customized Controllers with a Variety of HMIs and PLCs
    • Mounting Plates/Stands
    • Valve Stacks

Product details

GUS unit incorporates a patented process designed to find and remove grease containing air bubbles from your system. Air-purge test chambers have a specialized piston that draws small segments of grease from the supply and tests them for air. Grease with air is discarded, while airless grease continues through the dispensing system. GUS is available with single or dual test chambers, based on the required flow rate. Optional outlet accumulators are also available and are used to hold pressurized material after testing. The use of an outlet accumulator, or in some cases, a second test chamber, can allow your system to continue operating during a drum or pail change.

One GUS system can feed multiple dispensers with airless material. This process offers multiple size, controller, and valve stack options available via part configurator. GUS is manufactured under US patent number 6,053,285.

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