Pump with GUS

Our patented air removal system with an integrated pump allows for shorter system configurations, establishing less complexity in ensuring only airless material enters your manufacturing process.

A GUS system configured with an integrated pump

Features and Benefits

    • A patented air removal process ensures only airless grease is present in your manufacturing process.
    • A single pump/GUS can feed multiple meters or dispensers with airless grease.
    • Mobile options are available for the pump with GUS.

Configuration Options

    • Standard or Custom Controls
    • Level Sensors
    • Aluminum Extrusion and Welded Steel Frame
    • Portability Kit

Product details

GUS, featuring our patented air removal technology, ensures only airless grease in your manufacturing systems. When you combine it with a ram-style pump, it consolidates your grease dispensing equipment which then simplifies your overall system. This product is available with single and dual post pumps, depending on your grease container size. A single pump unit can feed multiple grease dispensers with airless grease material, removing the need for multiple grease sources. GUS is manufactured under US patent number 6,053,285.

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