GP Reeves works to distribute numerous materials to a myriad of marine components. From electric wiring to structural assemblies, our innovative dispensing solutions are making waves in the marine manufacturing industry.


Our Experience

GP Reeves has helped a multitude of marine OEMs simplify their assembly lines and improve their production strategies. We’ve dispensed a wide array of challenging materials to a large range of marine applications. Our unbeatable accuracy, quick dispense times, and material expertise have empowered marine manufacturers to sail ahead of competition and exceed their production goals. Some examples of how we can help the marine industry include:

      • Dispensing grease to wire harnesses
      • Distributing protective 2K coatings
      • Applying challenging epoxies to vessel closures
      • Dispensing gap-filling polyurethanes to portholes and deck fittings
      • Adhering fiberglass to hull components
      • Sealing molding pieces from external conditions
      • Lubricating motor components with oil
      • Bonding magnets to rotor components for electric boats

Benefits of Partnering with GP Reeves

Since 1971, we’ve been making a positive impact on the marine manufacturing industry. Our solutions have contributed to innovations in all industry segments. Some of our previous collaborations have resulted in:

Assembly Downtime





Product Lifetime

Boats Build Better

The marine manufacturing industry requires intense precision and extreme durability when it comes to assembly processes. Our team keeps these necessities in mind throughout each development process. This was conveyed while GP Reeves helped a well-known boat manufacturer improve their production capacity and improve accuracy with a semi-automated dispensing system. Read more about how this was accomplished on our blog!

Satisfied Marine Manufacturers

We’ve served numerous OEMs within a wide array of marine sectors. A few of our previous customers include:

Our Process for Marine Manufacturing Solutions

GP Reeves has a history of innovating solutions for the marine manufacturing industry. Our wealth of material experience and passion for simplifying production have contributed to numerous advancements in the sector. When collaborating with GP Reeves on a material application for your project needs, here are some of the steps you can expect:

  1. Analysis: Our material dispensing experts carefully examine the characteristics of each surface, material, environmental condition, and assembly practices to ensure we maximize a solution with the best potential. Our team works to analyze the goals of each project and asses the unique needs of each component.
  2. Design: After an intense examination has been completed, our team intricately designs each part of a dispensing system to accommodate the special characteristics of the goals involved. We utilize our expansive line of standard products, as well as customize machinery to meet even the most unique of requirements.
  3. Assembly: Once we have confirmed the design of the system, our team gets to work on manufacturing the solution’s components. We assemble our parts at our facility in Holland, Michigan to ensure we can provide the quickest lead times possible.
  4. Testing: to ensure that all components will effectively integrate with the customer’s current processes and the system will achieve the goals desired, we put our systems through intense testing. We work to replicate the materials, space, atmospheric conditions, and other variables necessary to verify feasibility and functionality.
  5. Continued Support: After we have tested the system and confirmed it will exceed our customer’s expectations, we offer the solution to the customer. We offer full installation services and support for all our products; we remain fully dedicated to the success of your assembly line throughout its lifetime.

GP Reeves Customer Testimonial

“GP Reeves helped us to drastically improve production of our marine components. They helped us make our old assembly method much better, which has led to better production speeds and concept delivery. We’re grateful they took the time to help us with our unique project goals”

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Examples of Materials Used

Marine manufacturing requires a variety of materials to be applied to a wide array of different components. Luckily, GP Reeves has the knowledge and experience to successfully deliver an expansive range of even the most challenging production materials. Some of the materials we’ve worked with in the past are listed below:


Thermal Paste

Gap Filler





2K Epoxy

GP Reeves is a Nautical Necessity

The team at GP Reeves is ready to revolutionize your marine production line. From sealing hull components with 2K epoxies to lubricating your motor engine with complex oils, GP Reeves can propel your marine components ahead with sophisticated precision and advanced efficiency. To amplify your marine manufacturing process, get in touch with us today!


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