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Oil dispensing is an integral part of the GP Reeves brand. Our very first product in 1971 was a chain lubricator, and it paved the way for the continual innovation our brand has achieved since our inception in 1971. While chain lubricators are still available from GP Reeves and are currently used in factories across a variety of industries, our focus has switched. The bread and butter of our company today is ultra-precise dispensing systems. 

Why Choose GP Reeves Oil Dispensing Products?

We here at GP Reeves pride ourselves on our capabilities. We know the pain of trying to put together a bunch of standard products from different companies, which is why we decided to make all products necessary for your dispensing system. Our standard product line includes oil reservoirs, pumps, dispensers, nozzles, and a large selection of accessories. In addition to our extensive standard product portfolio, we also offer a variety of custom solutions.

Initial Considerations

Fluid mechanics aren’t easy — we get it. Luckily, we’ve done the hard part for you. All you’ll need to know prior to designing a dispensing system with GP Reeves is what type of oil you’re using, how it comes, and where you want to dispense it. Our standard oil products will work for all types of oil, and most other liquids, though it’s important to get us the chemical makeup of your material so we can prevent any unwanted reactions. 

Once the material has been chosen, designing the rest of the system is easy. Choosing a source will depend solely on how your oil comes. If it comes in a suitable container, all you’ll need is a pump. If the container your material ships in isn’t right for your dispensing system, we have a variety of reservoirs [links to: appropriate page] available. Depending on how critical your application is, we offer oil filters and oil regulators. There are a variety of dispensers in our oil line. Choosing one will be based on your volume requirements and what type of feedback you’re looking for. Nozzles and other end of arm equipment will be chosen based on what type of application you have, along with any other accessories. 

System Examples

The most basic oil dispensing systems consist of the pump, the dispenser, and the end tooling — whether that be a nozzle or a nest. Additional products could include a reservoir, a regulator, a filter, and some kind of confirmation device. We offer a variety of options for all of these pieces of your system.

When working with us at GP Reeves, we’ll ensure that you get the products that will optimize your oil dispensing system. From start to finish we can work with you to pick out the best products for your application and make sure it’s working just the way you had hoped once it’s installed.


Before you can begin the process of dispensing oil, you must first get the material out of the original container. Prior to selecting a pump or cartridge system, you should analyze how the material will be purchased. Our oil pumps are designed for production oil dispensing. The OR series is designed for gravity feed and is available in a variety of materials and sizes. The OPV series are oil pressure vessels with options for including a pump or sensor. The OPxR series includes a pump and powder coated steel reservoir. The OP series includes the pump that sits directly onto the pail or drum. The OPT tote pumps are designed to floor mount next to a customer provided tote. These pumps are available in a variety of boost ratios and sensor options for easy integration into the system.

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GP Reeves offers innovative and efficient oil preparation systems to ensure material is properly dispensed with the specifics your operation requires. Our filters are always recommended, however they’re essential when pumping from a pail or barrel. Use of a filter helps to ensure that metal chips, foreign materials, and other debris are processed out of the material to make sure that it doesn’t jam up your dispensing system or get into your end product. Regulators reduce the supply pressure to the dispenser so that material is supplied at the pressure most appropriate for your dispensing systems.

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We offer a variety of dispensers with options to meet any need. GSS, GSSM, and GPMD dispensers use a piston with manual volume adjustment. These are perfect for applications where the volume will rarely be adjusted once it’s set. GSS/GSSM dispensers are very fast and can complete up to 180 operations per minute, they are designed for dispensing outputs less than 0.066 cc of oil. For medium output low pressure dispensing, a GPMD11000 series dispenser is perfect, with a volume range of 0.02 to 6.20 cc. If a high pressure option would suit your needs best, we recommend a GPMD3000L series dispenser which is good with dispensing amounts from 0.05 to 210 cc. Our AA dispensers use a PLC to control the piston movement which allows the PLC to control and adjust the volume, guaranteeing incredible precision. These dispensers are capable of dispensing 0.02 to 700 cc of oil while detecting and rejecting air. They dispense at controlled rates for even distribution.

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End Points

GP Reeves has used years of various industry experience to engineer and develop end points to apply material to the surface of your part. We offer standard extrusion nozzles and custom engineered nozzles and nests to dispense oil. Included in these are spray nozzles, airless shot nozzles, and our G-Force nozzle which sprays in a radial pattern. These nozzles dispense the material on the part while minimizing material left on the tip. Our air assisted spray nozzles help deliver material to the part in “challenging” applications and work to atomize and spray material rather than just pushing it out. GP Reeves also produces end of arm dispense valves that have multiple uses.

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Confirmation Devices

Oil confirmation devices monitor and confirm the pressure and volume of material in your system by ensuring that material is moving at the correct rates.

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