Zone Valves

Zone Valves allow for one dispenser to feed multiple outlet locations.

Features and Benefits

    • Allow for selection from multiple outlets based on a single inlet.
    • Designed for inlet pressures up to 3,000 PSI.

Configuration Options

    • Various Inlet Pressures
    • Outlet Ports
    • Outlet Source Amount

Product details

Zone valves allow for material from a single dispensing source to be delivered to multiple outlets simultaneously. The zone valve is placed between the dispensing unit to utilize various valves to section off material towards numerous outlet stations. The use of zone valves can save on the need to use multiple dispensers and focus efforts on a variety of sources. GP Reeves zone valves are very customizable and configurable so your production material supply is guaranteed the unique support it needs. Zone valves can be used in reverse as well, allowing several inlets to feed one outlet.

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