Oil Pressure Vessels

Oil Pressure Vessels have been meticulously designed for production oil dispensing and have diverse pump and sensor options, ensuring you have a product suitable for your unique application needs.

Oil Pressure Vessel

Features and Benefits

    • Oil can go straight to the dispenser if properly configured.
    • Oil pressure vessels can be electrically or pneumatically powered.
    • Custom configurations are available to meet your exact needs.

Configuration Options

Oil Pressure Valves are available in a variety of configurations:

    • Vessel Sizes
    • Low Level Sensors

Product details

An oil pressure vessel from GP Reeves provides pressurized material based on the air pressure supplied. This is a great option that removes the need for additional pressure regulators in your system. These oil vessels can be customized to meet your specific needs with assorted options for included diaphragm pumps and low-level sensors available. Oil pressure vessels come in sizes ranging from one liter to five gallons and have configurations that can include in-tank mixers. 

GP Reeves Customer Testimonial:

“Oil pressure vessels provide a great way to consolidate a dispense system and simplify your overall oil dispensing process. The less complex the better!” – GP Reeves Material Expert

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