Case Summary

Medical manufacturers often face the difficult task of combining innovative machinery with products that are clean, safe, and effective for use by healthcare workers and hospitals across the globe. The challenge of finding the right equipment can oftentimes be a tedious process, so once the right solution is found, it’s important that it is long-lasting and durable. A medical manufacturer came to GP Reeves seeking an upgrade for machinery they had purchased from us long ago. The company enjoyed the reliability and effectiveness of their original product, one of our GPMD dispensers, but wanted to see how it could be made into a more automated and less labor-intensive tool. Because advancement is such an important aspect of medical technology, GP Reeves was happy to evolve our old product to meet current standards. Our engineers were able to configure a solution that integrated aged designs with cutting-edge technology to create a system that increased efficiency, established higher safety standards, and led to a greater production capacity.

The Problem: Old-fashioned Technology in a World of Cutting-Edge Advancements

A medical manufacturer needed a new system to distribute grease onto components that made their caster wheel products. These products are an integral aspect of their product line, as they can be used to transport hospital beds, allow practitioners to move monitors with ease, and create a more productive workflow for those within the medical industry. The company had previously found a solution to diligently apply grease material with GP Reeves, but they wanted their system to be upgraded. The original design possessed manual operations, where an operator would have to manually push a drawer-like structure to initiate a material dispense from a GPMD Dispenser. 

Dispensing for the medical equipment industry
Although this method worked, the company hoped to increase productivity even more by automating the system and updating it to the latest industry standards. Since the last dispensing system was created, the medical industry has made major breakthroughs in various areas and has implemented a variety of new regulations. It’s crucial for medical instrumentation and devices to meet contemporary standards of the industry and allow it to progress even further. The medical manufacturer knew that the team at GP Reeves was passionate about improvement and advancement, so the company returned to us seeking a way to make their current system even better.

The Challenge: Combining Old Designs with Contemporary Processes

When the medical manufacturer came to GP Reeves, they hoped to increase productivity without having to completely decommission the system they had already benefited from. Our team was faced with a creative challenge to integrate the old machinery with recent innovations. The original system had a nest aspect as well as a GPMD dispenser, which used positive displacement and air operated check valves. Because the aim was to reuse previous system components, the team worked to design a new system that integrated the old parts with a new method of grease application. Collaboration was required throughout each stage of the system’s production to ensure its design, programming, and assembly were consistent with customer needs and innovative methods of development.

Dispensing for medical equipment

The Solution: A Revolutionizing Reboot

To create a proper solution for our customer, it was vital that our team focused on the project rather than the products. The people of GP Reeves believe that every project is an opportunity that integrates ideas, people, and technologies, and this project brought an additional level of attention to the standards of the industry and the people it serves. We knew that the system we would deliver had an impact on the prosperity of the conduct of the overall medical field, so its accuracy, safety features, and effectiveness were of extreme significance. GP Reeves adapted the old machinery to current customer desires by introducing automated aspects to the system.

The updated system consisted of a single post ram grease pump (GSP) with sensors to detect certain volumes of material, an automated control system, and a grease filter element to ensure the dispensed material would meet the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. The pump was paired with a new GPMD3000 dispenser, and then integrated with an updated custom nest. Utilizing the original aspects of the nest’s tooling, the system introduced new safety features like a lighted button for the operator to release the part once assembly was complete. It also included a lock cylinder to hold the nest out during the assembly process. Not only was the new nest safer, but it was also more efficient. GP Reeves made the nest area was more accessible, so operators could continue assembly within the system even after grease was dispensed. This system enabled a new and innovative way to control the environment of the greasing process while also increasing the hygiene, efficiency, and safety of the process and operators involved.

medical equipment dispensing systems

End Results: Ease and Efficiency to Propel Advancement

When it comes to the medical industry, there are plenty of opportunities for GP Reeves to support product development. We’ve accumulated a wealth of experience with providing repeatable precision to medical accessories, devices, and furniture assemblies, and we’re always intrigued by the challenges this field brings to the table. For this caster wheel project specifically, our team was able to take a customer’s current method of production and make it even better. Some of the GP Reeves crew have kept up with the system’s operators, who have reported an immense increase in the system’s ease and efficiency. Our unique capabilities and passion for succeeding together allow GP Reeves to create the most advanced dispensing solutions achievable. When we’re able to combine the longevity of our legacy equipment with our recently crafted innovations, it drives us to push even further and continue our commitment to creating durable, reliable solutions.

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