Material Dispensing for Hydropower

GP Reeves is making waves with our innovative dispensing systems for hydropower development. As experts in advanced dispensing technology, we're confident that our solutions will continue to propel the industry's technologies for years to come.

Turning Tides with GP Reeves

Hydropower is one of the oldest sources of renewable energy around, yet it still plays a significant role in the development of energy for society’s use. 40% of renewable electricity in the United States is produced using hydropower, and GP Reeves is enthused to support the manufacturers of this clean energy technology.

There are numerous ways through which GP Reeves can uniquely support this industry and help its manufacturers to reduce downtime, increase quality and effectiveness, and elevate their production potentials.

Run-of-the-River Hydroelectric Systems

A run-of-the-river system is a type of hydropower that forces a part of a river’s water to a turbine within a hydroelectric system. GP Reeves can support the components of this machinery with effective precision and reliability. The overall system consists of several components including a turbine, pump, a turbine shaft, and an alternator or generator.

To simplify the assembly process of run-of-the-river hydroelectric systems, GP Reeves can provide unbeatable precision and effective lubrication to system components.

  • Run-of-the-River Hydroelectric Systems often benefit from the utilization of 2k materials, urethanes, and silicones. These materials are optimal for the conditions faced by hydroelectric machinery, and the engineers at GP Reeves have plenty of expertise to help with these types of applications.
  • Our servo dispensers can assist in ensuring sealants are properly delivered to system components, ensuring moisture does not access any wrong parts of the hydropower machinery. We have a variety of options to ensure that the requirements of each material in use are met.
  • The internal network of these systems is unique and intricate. GP Reeves has a wide array of customizable and automated options to ensure each surface can be properly lubricated with precision and completeness. Reduce downtime and increase your production capacities with our automated machinery.
  • Our team makes sure that you receive the most advanced dispensing solutions possible and can launch sustainable, world-class products at an unprecedented speed. If you want to effectively produce run-of-the-river hydroelectric systems with long-lasting durability and effectiveness, you need precise lubrication. Get in touch with the experts at GP Reeves today!

Hydroelectric Generators

A hydroelectric generator converts mechanical energy derived from water flow into electricity. These systems require extreme accuracy and reliability when it comes to material delivery due to their complexity and uniqueness.

Within the generator, the circulation of direct current through field poles on the perimeter of the rotor causes the creation of electromagnets. The rotor aspect of the generator is attached to the system’s turbine shaft, and it rotates at a constant pace. Through the rotor’s manipulation, electricity can develop at the generator’s output terminals. GP Reeves has developed a plethora of machinery to ensure this process can occur successfully and sustainably for years to come.

  • Others can’t compete with our intense level of precision when delivering material to a surface. We have dozens of options to dispense your specific material to your unique surface. Plus, we specialize in customizing equipment to elevate accuracy even further.
  • The development of hydroelectric generators often involves 2K materials including 2K urethanes and silicones. We have an entire catalog devoted to products that are beneficial to the operation of adhesive and sealant materials, and our engineers love customizing our equipment to ensure all material requirements are met.
  • Grease and oil lubrication materials can favorably impact the development of hydropower generators by providing effective reliability to components like the system’s stator, rotor, wicket gate, and system turbine. Our team offers a multitude of machinery that accommodate for these specific materials.
  • Sealant materials are needed to help with the monitoring of possible corrosion or deterioration of generator components that may occur due to constant water flow across system parts. We have reliable dispense valves and zone valves to ensure module components are protected with precise application efforts.
  • Our team are experts in equipment development and we’d love to support your assembly process. Get in touch for a custom-built solution today!

Future Innovations

At GP Reeves, we love a challenge. As hydropower develops further, we grow increasingly aware about opportunities to support the innovation. Our team has a undeniable excitement regarding innovation and improvement and we would be enthused to configure custom equipment to meet the needs of your unique hydropower application.

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