Zone Valves for Adhesives and Sealants

Zone valves offer delivery of adhesive and sealant materials from a single dispenser to multiple outlets.

Features and Benefits

    • The utilization of zone valves prevents the need of multiple dispensers.
    • Zone valves are functional for a variety of different outlets.
    • These devices are extremely customizable so they can fit specific production needs.
    • Larger flow valves are available for thicker adhesive/sealant materials.

Configuration Options

Zone valves are available in a variety of configurations:

    • Assortment of Inlet and Outlet Ports
    • Inlet Pressure

Product details

Zone valves allow one adhesive or sealant dispenser to feed material to multiple different outlets. This means only one dispenser must be utilized to process adhesives or sealant materials sequentially throughout the system, allowing manufacturers to save on costs of additional dispensers. Different zone valve configurations have options for between 2 and 12 outputs but can be customized to serve different ranges. Zone valves have been designed for inlet pressure up to 3,000 PSI. 

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