Production Dispensing for Wind Power

Wind power reaches new heights when its manufacturers partner with GP Reeves. Our advanced dispensing systems have helped the participants of this field innovate for decades. The sky's the limit with GP Reeves!

Elevating Wind Power Manufacturing with GP Reeves

Wind power is increasing in popularity as a leading source of sustainable and renewable energy. Although wind turbines produce reliable and vast amounts of electrical energy, they face harsh conditions and are vulnerable to ware and corrosion.

GP Reeves can successfully prevent the harsh effects of external conditions and around the clock usage with our innovative dispensing equipment. By properly delivering lubricant materials to the sites of friction, vibration, and ware, GP Reeves can save manufacturers time, energy, and expenses due to maintenance and production dilemmas. The rotors, motors, brakes, gear boxes, generators, and blades are all examples of points within a wind turbine that could extensively benefit from precise lubrication with GP Reeves machinery.

Rotor Blades

Increasingly large turbines are being produced, and the length of the rotor blades and the rotor diameter are growing steadily. GP Reeves loves innovation and progress, so we’re happy to support these advancements with our cutting-edge machinery.

Wind towers are surrounded by harsh conditions around the clock. Until someone invents a really giant umbrella, rotor blades must be able to face even the most challenging environmental conditions. Wind speeds of up to 400 km/h can occur at the tips of a rotor blade. Hail, impact from birds and even raindrops can cause significant damage to the leading edges.

GP Reeves can provide sealant material dispenses that can ensure rotor blades receive extraordinary levels of precision and reliability when it comes to material dispenses.

  • To maintain the reliability of rotor blades, a winding mandrel aligned with the blade’s development is filled with materials like polyurethane or epoxy resin. The proper care and application of materials with this process is critical, so GP Reeves offers plenty of systems to monitor the flow of material and control their volume, flow, pressure, and position.
  • A 2K polyurethane is usually dispensed onto the leading edges of rotor blades to provide protection against potential corrosion. GP Reeves has accumulated plenty of experience with this material, and we have dispensers, valves, and pumps suitable for its most optimal usage.
  • GP Reeves empowers manufacturers to get ahead of competition and produce components with extreme durability and longevities. Get a sustainable solution for your rotor blade development today!

Drive Train Development

GP Reeves has experience lubricating drivetrain components for the automotive, heavy equipment, trucking, agricultural, and recreational vehicle industries. We’ve been able to bring this expertise to the field of renewable energy through our machinery for wind turbine development. Wind turbines contain a drivetrain system that allows power generated by the wind to transform into mechanical energy that can be used to generate electricity. The system comprises a drive train, gearbox, and individual gears which all benefit from proper lubrication applications.

  • We have acquired over half a century’s worth of experience working with lubricant materials. We’re able to expertly craft a system perfect for your unique yaw drive, yaw motor, and brake design. Our team specializes in custom equipment, so even the most challenging designs can be accommodated.
  • One of the first materials handled by GP Reeves equipment was oil, so the oil needed to help with gear boxes and drives will receive extensive knowledge and care when it comes to its proper application onto the surface of drive train components.
  • Adhesive and sealant materials can assist with an adequate maintenance of drive train gearbox vibration to attempt to elongate the lifetime of wind turbine aspects. The team at GP Reeves has machinery that will adequately care for the needs of a variety of adhesive and sealant materials.
  • Think your wind drive train components would benefit from over 50 years of advanced dispensing expertise? Get in touch with GP Reeves today!

Wind power plays a large role in the hometown of our headquarters in Holland, Michigan. Our town is based in Dutch traditions like wooden clogs, stroopwafels, and windmills! You could say we’re pretty big fans of this industry segment!

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