The team at GP Reeves is passionate about the numerous ways effective dispensing systems can contribute to the revolutionary future of the automotive field. One of these ways includes enhancing the assembly process for rotors, a main component of electric motor units. Unlike our competitors, who often deliver material to these components through inaccurate and ineffective methods like trickling, GP Reeves provides masterful precision and efficiency with our advanced dispensing systems. With our determination for improvement and enthusiasm about the future of the mobility industry, GP Reeves continues to power the field forward with the most advanced dispensing solutions.

Case Summary:

A loyal customer came to GP Reeves seeking a solution for their rotor assembly project. The company was developing a rotor system that would work for electric motor systems, which would be involved in the drivetrains of both electric vehicles and hydrogen powered heavy equipment vehicles. Their motors, which are found in the vehicles of top OEMs all over the globe, needed a dispensing system as innovative as their impact on the transportation industry.

The Problem: A Status Quo with Issues

For their production, adhesive glue was required in the cavity pockets of the rotor before its magnets could be placed in the overall component. In the past, most methods of magnet adherence had utilized trickling, an uncontrollable and imprecise method where material is “trickled” down the sides of the rotor core and into the cavities. This method may be less expensive and more well-known, but there’s no guarantee that the rotor pockets will receive full coverage – leading to low product quality, less rotor longevity, and an increased likelihood of corrosion. The customer sought a better way to get material onto their rotor components that would prove to be more accurate, effective, and efficient.

The Solution: Reliable Coverage and Increased Efficiency

GP Reeves created an automated system that repeatedly ensured the surface area of the rotor pockets would be accurately covered with the customer’s two-component heat cured glue. Our engineers worked to ensure the material’s unique characteristics would be considered, accounting for such things as material working time, curing properties, and the needs of the customer. In the end, the team at GP Reeves alleviated the challenges of the company’s adhesive application with our airless 2K dispense system. The solution utilized nozzles that went to the bottom of each pocket cavity and coated the walls of the pocket as the robotic system raised the associated nozzles back up. The dispensing unit was combined with a flow meter which verified the amount of adhesive glue dispensed in each cavity.

The system utilized GP Reeves’ patented designs to ensure only airless material was delivered, ensuring there would be no skipped material placements or inaccuracies due to air bubbles. Our team’s material expertise also established methods to promote the proper flow of the customer’s 2K heat-curing material as it passed through the system. This unit was then connected to a Fanuc robot and programming was set up by our skilled controls engineering team. Due to the reliability and efficiency of the dispensing unit, a magnet could then be firmly secured into each cavity, and the customer could be confident about the magnet’s strong position and hold within the rotor pocket.

End Result: A Precise System to Drive Mobility Forward

hydrogen powered vehicles
With this innovative dispense system, it took less than 4 seconds to evenly distribute material onto the necessary surface areas of the rotor. After the adhesive glue was precisely placed on the correct areas of each rotor slot, magnets could be inserted. Once the glue was able to quickly cure, the construction of the rest of the rotor was able to efficiently continue. The accuracy and reliability provided by the GP Reeves dispensing solution led to a significant reduction in motor production time and an increase in product longevity. The customer was satisfied by the effectiveness GP Reeves offered their gluing process and the increase in speed our system brought to their production line

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