Oil Pressure Regulators

Often the outlet pressure of your pump is much higher than the inlet pressure of your dispenser. To ensure the pressure between these two products is regulated, we recommend using an oil pressure regulator.

Features and Benefits

    • Vespel SP-1 poppet and seat ensure a longer life.
    • Included 10-32 holes aid in mounting.
    • Secondary pressure is extremely accurate.

Configuration Options

    • Aluminum and Stainless Steel
    • Dial Gauge or Electronic Gauge with Pressure Switch
    • Ball Valve and Grease Filters

Product details

Oil pressure regulators are designed to be used with high-pressure oil pumps. They feature a vespel SP-1 poppet and seat for a longer life. Two 10-32 holes are provided in the base for ease of mounting. OPRs are available in both brass and stainless steel, and have a maximum inlet pressure of 3,500 PSI. The outlet pressure is easily adjustable using the knob, and options from 1-500 PSI are available. Regulators can easily be paired with an oil filter and a service ball valve for simplicity of maintenance.

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