Miniature Dual Post Ram Grease Pumps (GDPM)

Miniature Dual Post Ram Grease Pumps offer the reliability and dependability of a Dual Post Ram Grease Pump in a compact, bench-top design, allowing for convenient usage in tight spaces.

Features and Benefits

    • GDPMs provide strength and stability from the dual post ram and the system’s compact size.
    • Pumps all the way to the bottom of your pail, reducing the potential for wasted grease.
    • This system has been designed for convenient tabletop operations.

Configuration Options

    • Pneumatic Cam Actuated Empty Shut Off
    • Level Sensors
    • Solenoid Valve
    • Plumbing and Mounting of GF1000 Series Filter

Product details

Our Miniature Dual Post Ram Grease Pumps serve as an efficient production material supply with a consolidated design, making them great for use with smaller sized pails and buckets. These pumps are perfect for applications that don’t require large amounts of grease. GDPM series air-operated pumps assure a stable supply with material that doesn’t seek its own level. The dual rams partnered with an inductor plate allow grease to be pumped from the top of the bucket rather than the bottom, like a stick pump. This, combined with the constant downward pressure of the inductor, is how we ensure minimal grease waste.

This series can be bench top or back mounted, and is available with several options. All GDPM pumps include pump, inductor seals, dual post ram, ram control valve, pump air pressure regulator, and ram air pressure regulator.

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