GSS/GSSM Air Operated Grease Dispensers

GSS/GSSM Air Operated Grease Dispensers are perfect for the smallest grease dispenses, with a volume range of 0.001 – 0.066 cc.

Features and Benefits

    • GSS/GSSM air operated grease dispensers are perfect for micro-dispenses.
    • GSS/GSSM systems are extremely user-friendly.
    • Adjustable volumetric piston displacement is used to dispense precisely measured shots of grease material.
    • This system is capable of conducting up to 180 operations per minute.
    • The GSS/GSSM’s positive displacement design ensures accurate and repeatable dispense amounts regardless of any temperature or viscosity changes.

Configuration Options

    • Adjustable Volume Output Ranges From 0.016 cc to 0.066 cc 
    • NPN and PNP Stroke Sensors
    • Individual or Manifold Mounting 
    • Various Port Size Adaptors
    • Several Adjustment Assemblies

Product details

GSS and GSSM dispensers are identical in all aspects except mounting. GSS dispensers are engineered for individual installation near an application point, whereas GSSM dispensers are designed for installation on manifolds in groups of 2-10 dispensers. Manifold-mounted dispensers have the option to fire together or separately depending on application. 

Both dispenser options are for use with low pressure material, with a maximum PSI of 200. They are compatible with NLGI 000 – 3 grease. Our GSS and GSSM dispensers use adjustable volumetric piston displacement to dispense measured shots regardless of temperature and viscosity changes. Each dispenser can make up to 180 operations per minute, making them a great option for fast paced grease dispensing. 

The optional Micro Dial adjustment assembly features over 450 labeled graduations allowing for easy volume checks and accurate dispensing. It also has a user-friendly slide lock ensuring ease of locking and unlocking with greasy hands.




Repair Kit Install

Stroke Sensor

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