GPMD3000 Series Grease Dispensers

GPMD3000 series positive displacement grease dispensers have a dispense volume range of 0.05 – 210 cc with inlet pressure up to 3,000 PSI.

three different product variations for the gpmd3000

Features and Benefits

    • Positive displacement dispensing allows for accurate and repetitive dispensing regardless of potential temperature or viscosity changes.
    • Any adjustment of dispense volume requires a wrench to prevent unauthorized volume changes.
    • The GPMD3000 dispensers allow for quick fills and dispenses.
    • The GPMD3000’s cartridge valves prevent possible leaks.
    • A visual adjustment indicator is included.

Configuration Options

    • Volume Output Ranges from 0.05 to 210 cc
    • Calibration Scale
    • Stroke and Flow Sensors
    • Solenoid Valves
    • Standard Control Package

Product details

The GPMD3000 series features positive displacement for accurate repetitive dispensing regardless of temperature and viscosity changes of the material. This series has a threaded adjustment rod, which gives a visual indication of an adjustment. Adjustments require a wrench to prevent accidental changes.

 GPMD3000s can be mounted in any orientation, making them a versatile addition to your system. The air operated check valves facilitate quick fills and quick dispenses while preventing material leaks. The GPMD3000 series requires 60 PSI of clean dry air to function.

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