GPMD3200 Adhesive and Sealant Dispenser

Dispenser for accurate repetitive dispensing of adhesive and sealant materials regardless of temperature and viscosity changes.

GPMD3200 Adhesive and Sealant Dispenser

Features and Benefits

    • A wrench is required for system adjustment to prevent any unauthorized volume changes from occurring.
    • The GPMD3200 dispenser operates with a high inlet pressure up to 3,000 PSI.
    • Air operated check valves featured as part of the GPMD3200 dispenser facilitate quick fills and quick dispenses while simultaneously preventing leaks.

Configuration Options

GPMD3200 Dispenser is available in a variety of configurations:

    • Adjustable Volumes
    • Stroke Sensors
    • Calibration Scales

Product details

The GPMD3200 is a high-pressure dispenser for adhesives and sealants that uses positive displacement for accurate and repetitive dispensing regardless of temperature and viscosity changes. To enhance workplace safety, any adjustment to the system’s dispensing procedures requires wrenches to prevent unauthorized volume adjustment. The GPMD3200 dispenser also features air operated check valves to facilitate quick fill and quick dispense while simultaneously preventing leaks. The dispenser’s threaded adjustment rod is a visual indication of adjustment. This excellent adhesive and sealant dispenser operates with an inlet pressure up to 3,000 PSI.

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