mixing shroud for two-component materials

Mixing shrouds (2KS) ensure mixing tubes are held in place and block out any ambient light that may cause premature curing. Shrouds are available for all sizes of mixing tubes. Nylatron, stainless steel, and aluminum are all options for shroud material.  

Mixing Shroud for Adhesive Dispensing

Features and Benefits

    • Accuracy: The shroud helps guide the mixed material precisely where it needs to go, ensuring a uniform bead or spread. 
    • Prevents Air Entrapment: By providing a controlled environment for mixing, a shroud can help minimize the introduction of air bubbles into the mixture. 
    • Protection of Equipment: Using a shroud can reduce drips, overspray, or unintended application, ensuring that only the required material is used, reducing waste, and saving costs. 
    • Safety: The shroud can prevent accidental contact with the mixed materials, especially if they are reactive, hot, or toxic. This reduces the risk of injuries to operators. 

Configuration Options

    • Variety of diameters
    • Multiple lengths offered 
    • Compatible with all common ratios
    • Materials to choose from: Nylatron, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Product Details

GP Reeves’ mixing shrouds ensure that the 2K dispensing process is stable, accurate, and durable. Increased accuracy and material integrity are benefits of including shrouds in the dispensing project, but shrouds also offer prevention from contamination. The shroud shields the mixed material from external contaminants like dust or debris, ensuring the dispensed material remains pure and free from foreign particles.  Additionally, they offer protection for the dispensing equipment from debris or potential damage during operation, prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.  

In applications where the appearance of the dispensed material is critical, a shroud can help ensure a cleaner, more uniform appearance by controlling the environment during dispensing. 


Mixing Nozzle

Mixing Tubes for Adhesives and Sealants

Marrying Block 

marrying block for adhesives and sealants

Ratio Test Nozzle 

ratio test nozzle

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