marrying block for two-component materials

The mixing manifold or marrying block (2KMB) is where the two components first interact. It is available in stainless steel or aluminum. The mixing shroud screws onto this block. Marrying blocks have two orifices that can be sized separately, ensuring an accurate mixing ratio.  

Manifold for adhesive dispensing

Features and Benefits

    • Uniform and consistent mixture: The manifold ensures that the two components are mixed in the proper proportions and consistently, leading to a homogeneous end product.
    • Reduced waste: the components are mixed only when required and immediately before use, resulting in less waste from excess mixed material.
    • Flexibility: A mixing manifold can be designed to accommodate varying ratios of the two components, allowing for easy adjustments to the mix as needed. 
    • Easy Cleaning: Many mixing manifolds or marrying blocks are easy to clean and maintain, depending on the design. This is particularly important when switching materials or if there are potential cross-contamination issues.

Configuration Options

    • Multiple Part A orifice/Part B orifice configurations
    • Available in stainless steel or aluminum

Product Details

When dispensing two-component materials, mixing manifolds (marrying blocks) are crucial for ensuring the performance and reliability of the end product. They provide components that are combined immediately before application, which is particularly beneficial for materials with short pot-lives after mixing. Mixing manifolds also increases safety by keeping reactive components separate until the moment of mixing and dispensing, reducing the risk of premature reactions or hazardous conditions.  Whether it’s adhesion, mechanical strength, or other characteristics that are the goal, mixing manifolds ensures that consistency and quality are achieved. 


Mixing Nozzle

Mixing Tubes for Adhesives and Sealants

Mixing Shroud

stainless steel mixing shroud

Ratio Test Nozzle 

ratio test nozzle

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