Electric vehicle assembly lines are driven forward with the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of GP Reeves dispensing systems. Our team has skillfully created solutions for both the automotive manufacturing and battery manufacturing industries, and we’re thrilled to combine our expertise in these fields to continue developing innovative dispensing solutions for the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Why GP Reeves?

Our team of engineers has worked hard to ensure our customers receive an advanced, reliable, and effective dispensing solution. EV manufacturers globally have benefited from the integration of our systems in multiple ways. Some of the results noted by previous customers include:





Assembly Line


Previous EV Customers:

Case Study: Electric Delivery Truck

As companies across the globe examine ways to adopt more sustainable technologies into their operations, one viable solution for e-commerce participants is the integration of electric delivery trucks into their fleets. With our dispensing expertise, GP Reeves has helped e-mobility developers enhance their assembly lines so that they can produce the electric delivery trucks that will drive the world forward. Take a closer look at how GP Reeves is electrifying the trucking industry!

How Could We Help You?

We’ve worked on dispensing applications for all types of electric vehicle components – a few of which are explained below! Get in touch with us today to solve even your most unique EV dispensing applications!

EV Battery Pack Sealing

EV battery developers need dispensing systems their production lines can count on. GP Reeves provides advanced dispensing systems to ensure battery cells, modules and packs receive the precise and strong adhesion they need. Our team is familiar with dispensing a variety of materials to the necessary components of prismatic, cylindrical, pouch, and any other battery pack formats. By integrating a GP Reeves dispensing solution into their production lines, fuel cell and hydrogen fuel cell developers can ensure precise amounts of material are being repeatedly dispensed onto each battery component necessary – allowing for long-lasting battery functionality and quality. GP Reeves has participated in a multitude of EV battery projects, but a few of our favorites are listed below.

  • Application of gap fillers to closures & cool plates
  • Sealing of housing & lid components
  • Slurry dispensing for electrode coatings
  • Adhering anode, separator, & cathode layers
  • Gasketing for casing assembly & pack seal joints
  • Cell-to-cell adhesion
  • Sealing and insulation of hydrogen fuel cells
  • Electrolyte filling
  • Sealing and coating of anode components
  • Dispensing of solder pastes
  • Foam encapsulation of battery cells
  • Delivery of thermal interface material to electric components
  • And more!

Interested in more of our battery capabilities? Check out our extensive battery dispensing solutions!

EV Power Inverter Sealing

It’s critical to ensure key components of electric vehicles, like the power electronics systems, are functioning properly. Because these systems often operate with high temperatures and voltages, it’s vital that necessary production materials are placed precisely and repeatedly. Our team has developed an array of solutions to help with the application of materials, like TIM and 2K substances for example, to a multitude of various power electronics. From projects associated with circuit boards to others regarding aluminum heat sinks, GP Reeves has solved even the most complex applications with standard and custom dispensing solutions. We can assure our customers that their materials will be dispensed evenly and repeatedly for long-lasting dependability. GP Reeves has conducted different types of power electronics projects, some of our favorites are listed below:

  • Shielding of housing and lid components
  • Gasketing of power inverter electronics
  • Sealing of battery box
  • Application of thermally conductive pastes to connectors
  • Sealing and insulating electronics
  • Potting of converter and inverter components
  • And more!
EV Electric Motor Insulation

Electric motors have various configurations, each needing proper insulation and heat dissipation to function properly. Components, including the commutator, terminals, brushes, stator, rotor and more, require precise amounts of material. Our equipment provides accurate material delivery to even sensitive motor components, preventing failures that arise from improperly placed material. We’ve helped many electric motor manufacturers gain a competitive advantage through the integration of our standard and custom dispensing equipment. Take a look at some of our applications for this industry segment below! Interested in seeing what a GP Reeves solution could do for your own application? Contact one of our experts today for a free consultation!

  • Adhesion of stator winding components
  • Sealing of aluminum plate
  • Epoxy and polyurethane stator encapsulation
  • Dispensing butyls, adhesives, glues, & more into rotor cavities
  • Magnet bonding and sealing
  • Insulation and resin impregnation of stator/rotor windings
  • Potting with various resins
  • And more!
Bonding Scanners & Sensors for EVs and Autonomous Vehicles
The scanners and sensors that work to protect and maintain vehicle operation and safety are manufactured with various types of dispensing materials. Our team of engineers can design a custom dispensing solution for each unique component. Applications include bonding parts together, sealing from containments, electrical isolation, aiding in heat transfer, and more! From lane checking scanners to steering sensors, GP Reeves has already provided specialized dispensing solutions for an abundance of scanner and sensor applications, including a variety relating to autonomous vehicles. A few of our favorite applications for this segment are listed below:

  • Adhesive bonding of device to electric vehicle
  • Encapsulating electric wirings
  • Sealing of internal electronics and housing
  • Delivery of precise volumes of potting compounds
  • Application of thermal compound to heat sinks
  • Gasketing applications
  • And more!
On-Board Battery Charging for EV

On-board battery charger components, like the coils, covers, housing, and many others, often need material dispensed precisely and repeatedly onto components. Properly dispensed materials can negate failures due to overheating or foreign contaminants. GP Reeves specializes in accurately distributing complex materials to onboard chargers for EVs with our wide array of standard products. We have endless dispensing possibilities made possible by our customizable dispensing solutions. A few of our favorite EV battery charger applications are listed below. Interested to see how GP Reeves can help with you next application? Contact one of our experts today for a free consultation!

  • Application of thermal conductive pastes to capacitor and aluminum housing
  • Potting compounds applied to PCB
  • Sealing of cover and housing
  • Adhesive applied to AC to DC converter
  • Dielectric grease dispensing
  • And many more!
Battery Management System

To ensure quality, safety, longevity, and stellar performance of the system, you need materials dispensed precisely, especially around areas with high temperature and voltages. Our team of engineers can provide solutions to dispense materials like thermal pastes, gap fillers, encapsulates, and more to a multitude of BMS components. Proper material dispensing by GP Reeves can prevent failures, like short circuits or damaged battery cells, that could arise from inaccurate material placement. From standard to custom dispensing systems, GP Reeves has been able to provide a specialized dispensing solution for numerous BMS projects, some of which are listed below!

  • Sealing of housing and lid components
  • Gap filling between cooling circuits and modules
  • Adhesive to BMS system to remain stationary
  • Heat staking to PCB
  • And many more!
EV Charging Port

GP Reeves is aware of the significance proper thermal management plays in the successful life of an EV charger. To foster high product quality and reduce corrosion potential, we’ve cultivated a line of dispensing systems perfect for these types of applications. From precise beads of gap filling material to accurate lines of 2K epoxies, we’re capable of dispensing whatever material necessary to ensure chargers receive the best solution possible. Our team is also capable of dispensing material onto battery components that are located inside of the charging port. For more of our battery dispensing capabilities, check out our energy storage manufacturing industry page!

  • Dielectric grease dispensing
  • Encapsulation of electrical components
  • Bonding of structural components
  • Electrolyte filling
  • And more!

Propelling EV Propulsion Forward

GP Reeves specializes in providing accurate solutions for even the most complex of production challenges. One OEM came to GP Reeves seeking a solution for one such challenge dealing with the precise application of 2K thermal glue to rotor cavities. Our engineers created a custom automated dispensing system to decrease cycle times, improve assembly efficiency, and amplify the production capabilities of the customer.

Our Process for Electric Vehicle Dispensing:

When collaborating with GP Reeves, manufacturers can be certain that they’ll receive a dispensing system that will prove reliable, efficient, and effective. Whether for a single dispenser or for a complete automated dispense system, our team will dedicate the time and energy necessary to provide the most optimal solution possible.

    1. Analyze: GP Reeves considers every detail of your application – no matter how intricate. Our engineers will observe every characteristic of your component. From materials involved to surrounding atmospheric conditions, our engineers will ensure your dispensing system is able to properly accommodate even your most challenging project considerations.
    2. Design: After ensuring every minuscule detail of your project has been accounted for, the team at GP Reeves meticulously configures a system to achieve your material delivery goals. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure our designs and processes match your expectations and make you feel confident about the products you’ll receive.
    3. Assembly: After we’ve designed a system that accomplishes your end goal, our team starts to assemble the dispensing system. We manufacture nearly all standard and custom dispensing parts in house, ensuring you’ll receive an optimal solution with a reduced threat of supply chain challenges.
    4. Testing: GP Reeves runs tests on the completed system to replicate your application’s surfaces, materials, environmental conditions, and any other challenges. This process verifies the feasibility and functionality of the system, providing a guarantee of excellence.
    5. Continued Support: Our team offers installation and support services to ensure the integration of our systems into existing assembly processes is as easy as possible. Even after the system is in place, our experts are more than willing to support you with continued application care. With a solution from GP Reeves, you’ll be able to drive production towards increased efficiency and production capacity.

GP Reeves Customer Testimonial:

“I couldn’t be happier with your level of engagement and effort on this.  I have to say, [a certain competitor] fell way short to matching your contribution.  I’ll definitely lead with your solutions…”

Interested in a free consult to see what the Electric Vehicle Development process looks like for you? Contact our team today!

Standards of Excellence

Although we’ve designed a variety of custom dispensing solutions for various EV applications, we also have a plethora of beneficial systems on our standard product line. These products have propelled numerous sectors of the EV industry, and we’re eager to help you advance yours!

GSP for UV Cure

AA7-2K Dispenser

2K Dispense Valves

Heated Hoses

Electrification Made Easy

GP Reeves has facilitated increased production capacities, enhanced product quality, and amplified assembly speeds for EV manufacturers across the globe. Our expansive range of dispensing solutions have empowered eMobility production processes to reach new heights. From optimistic plans to purposeful concept delivery, GP Reeves is accelerating the assembly of EV’s forward. Get in touch with us today to simplify and enhance your EV production.

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