GP Reeves prides itself on its remarkable ability to solve even the most challenging of material applications. Along with our wide array of innovative standard products, GP Reeves offers custom equipment options and configurations. From a single custom nozzle paired with a standard pump and dispensers, to an entirely custom automated dispensing system, GP Reeves can develop an effective and reliable solution for you.  

Our team of dedicated experts have been known to thoughtfully and masterfully design solutions that consider every unique aspect of your particular project. From challenging components to complex materials, we’ll accommodate every aspect of your project into our custom considerations. Follow along as we detail each step of our meticulous custom process, where we exemplify our motto, “Precision Dispensing, Engineered For You.” 

First Steps: 

The first step in the custom solutions journey involves an in-depth meeting with a member of our GP Reeves team. One of our specialists will take time to examine your current application process or the goals you hope to achieve with a future process. Our team member will intentionally examine each complex material, surface, and environmental condition of your application to ensure we have a complete understanding of your project’s aspirations. After leaving your facility, the specialist will meet with the GP Reeves engineering teams to create the best solution possible. We will apply decades worth of dispensing expertise and significant knowledge surrounding a variety of materials to cultivate an innovative solution. GP Reeves will propose a process that considers the needs of your project and will present you with a dispensing project scope and product functionality before offering a competitive quote. 

Diligent Designing:

Once you’re completely satisfied with the details of our proposals, our engineering team will devote their time and energy to ensuring you receive the most advanced dispensing solution possible. We will analyze the minute details of your project and design a system best fit for your assembly line’s requirements. Our custom solutions are completely designed around your parts and materials, so your system will be uniquely configured in a manner specific to your particular operations. Your feedback will be vital to the process, as we ensure designs and concepts gain your absolute approval through example runoffs and constant availability. The team will then gather all parts necessary for the project and begin the work to assemble and integrate any necessary programming components. Our skillful engineers will continue to work on your dispensing solution until we feel as though it will exceed your dispensing expectations and elevate your current production methods.

Verifying Excellence:

The next step in the custom production process involves extensive verification. Our team will prototype and test your application in our innovative testing facility. Oftentimes we do this using the customer’s materials and parts, but we are also able to closely replicate the materials used, surfaces involved, and environmental conditions of influence into this process to verify feasibility and functionality. Our team won’t be satisfied until we ensure that our turn-key equipment is as good as it can be.

A Grand Finale:

To finish the custom dispensing solution process, our team invites yours to a full runoff of the dispensing equipment. Your team can visit our headquarters or view virtually as we demonstrate the vigor and effectiveness of your new dispensing solution. After we ensure you’re pleased with the machinery and enthused about integration, we will ship your machinery so that you can efficiently improve your production methods. Even after it’s out our shipping door, our team will continue to offer installation support and follow-up service if desired.

Custom Solutions to Count on:

When trusting GP Reeves with the success of your project’s assembly, you can be confident that our team of diverse experts will provide you with the best solution possible. We devote countless late nights and plenty of extra-shot-of-espresso mornings to ensuring you receive a brilliant custom system that will improve your assembly line’s productivity, longevity, and profitability. We specialize in custom solutions, and we can’t wait to get started on yours. If you’d like a free consultation about a potential custom solution, get in touch with one of our experts today!

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