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Available in both Automatic Fill / Manual Fill and FIFO / Non-FIFO options

Our grease reservoir/regulators are engineered for use with NLGI 000 through 2 grease. They equipped with relief valves, air pressure regulators with gauges and are capable of handling up to 3000 psi primary grease pressure and regulating it to provide 1000 psi or less secondary grease pressure.  Automatic fill reservoir/regulators include an air pilot operated fill valve. Some dispensers require a low pressure (less than 200 psi grease supply.

 - Manual fill reservoirs require a temporary connection to a fill source or pump. One portable pump can be used to fill many reservoirs.
 - Automatic fill reservoirs require PLC control and a direct connection to a supply source or pump.
 - MP-ABV Reservoirs are auto-fill with microprocessor and air operated ball valve included.
 -  A-ABV Reservoirs are auto-fill reservoirs that include an analog linear position sensor for position sensing and air operated ball valve.
 -  FIFO reservoirs are best for material that separates quickly under pressure as the oldest grease is used first.
 -  Carefully select the reservoir size based on grease usage.
 -  Carefully select boost ratio based on the viscosity of your grease to assure adequate pressure and flow.