Revolutionizing Fluid Regulation

GP Reeves is known for its determination and constant advancement. Through its motivated way of thinking and dedication to improvement, GP Reeves has been able to accumulate numerous patents. Our most recent patent revolutionizes the components of fluid regulators, and will contribute to less downtime, increased production capacity, beneficial cost-savings, and increased revenue created through an elevated warehouse potential. The people at GP Reeves have always prioritized a ruthless dedication to progress, and this focus is only further emphasized with our fluid regulator having integral fluid purge mechanism patent.

GP Reeves Patents

An Innovative Idea:

Imagine taking a moment to overlook your team’s warehouse and observe your employees, machinery, and products. Your crew members are rolling their eyes while they must once again deal with maintenance tasks. Your machinery is sitting, waiting to contribute to production rather than take up energy and space. Your products are, well, let’s just say you don’t have a whole lot of products to ship right now. You’re frustrated with the amount of downtime, labor expenses, energy costs, and lack of production capacity currently impacting your facility. This was the experience of many manufacturers who relied on fluid regulators to ensure a fluid material could properly travel through their system components. A fluid regulator is a piece of machinery that allows users to maintain or modify the pressure of fluid as it travels from one system or component to another. These devices ensure that the pressure of a fluid from a supply source is maintained at, or changed to, a rate that is safe, efficient, and manageable for the outlet point.

GP Reeves, like many other manufacturing firms, was bothered by the headaches relating to the utilization of fluid regulators. The main problem of focus dealt with the maintenance necessary to work with our outsourced fluid regulators. To properly operate a common fluid regulator, users must be constantly aware of contamination from foreign material, leftover manufacturing fluid, or other particulates. To combat the potential damage these pollutants may cause to your processes, individuals usually have to take the regulator apart, clean its needle and seat, readjust the settings needed for the material of concern, and then finally reconnect the regulator’s inlet and outlet source. After ruminating on this annoying and wasteful process, our team decided that rather than outsource from a different company, we’d make the fluid regulator ourselves. Not only would we make our own equipment, but we’d make it better.

Potential for Purging

Our engineering team worked to develop a new fluid regular mechanism that would reduce the labor dedication and costs relating to proper regulator function. When expressing his thoughts on the patent process, our Controls Engineering Lead, Ryan Schierbeek, stated, “downtime can be one of the most expensive costs to a factory. We had to push for innovation. We’re never okay with how things are, and we always strive for better.” With this fervent attitude in mind, Ryan worked to design a regulator mechanism with a purge functionality.

Schierbeek was able to intricately craft a purge function button so that the spring force of the regulator could be manipulated independently of the fluid flow path regulation. As a result, debris within the regulator could be removed from the system allowing the regulator to perform at its maximum potential.

Rewarding Results

The cutting-edge design masterfully created by the engineering team at GP Reeves has changed the future of fluid flow regulation. Now that users no longer need to go through the trouble of conducting maintenance on their regulators, manufacturers can benefit immensely from a decrease in wasted time and labor. With the implementation of fluid regulators with an integral fluid purge mechanism, warehouses no longer have to worry about troublesome maintenance, the consequences of machinery downtime, added expenses of cost-ineffectiveness, or a loss of production capacity. This latest invention by the team at GP Reeves will produce impactful advantages for manufacturers across a wide range of industries. We’re ecstatic to witness the revolutionary benefits this mechanism could have on our field and others.

Patent Proud

The team at GP Reeves is always looking for ways to innovate, improve and event. This patent is yet another example of our team’s ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. We are so proud of our engineering team, especially Ryan Schierbeek, for identifying problems, devising a plan to fix them, and carrying out a design process that changes the game for good. Our team looks forward to continuing our pursuit of progress and innovation. We can’t wait to see what challenges we can tackle next!

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