Adhesive and Sealant Material Details

GP Reeves has developed dispensing systems to provide accurate and reliable distribution of numerous types of adhesive and sealant materials.

GP Reeves has developed dispensing systems to provide accurate and reliable distribution of numerous types of adhesive and sealant materials. Adhesives and sealants work to bond materials in a variety of application operations. Unlike welding, which takes significant time and labor, the utilization of adhesives and sealants allows for measured and exact distribution of bonding material. Careful considerations have been taken in each step of our systems to ensure that no negative reactions between the material and the equipment take place. 

If you’re in need of a material manufacturer, please reach out! We partner with several reputable companies globally. Outlined below are some of the most popular adhesives and sealants we work with, though if you don’t see yours listed, don’t worry. We take pride in adapting our standard equipment to meet each individual need.


Adhesives can bond materials while withstanding severe impact and peel forces, providing high strength, and great chemical and temperature resistance. There are various types of adhesives including UV cure, moisture cure, two part materials (2k), and more, which are outlined below. We have specialized dispensing equipment to meet the specific needs of each type of adhesive. 


Unlike adhesives, sealants aren’t as structural. Sealants are used to unite materials with some extent of flexibility, allowing for slight joint movement. For proper dispensing of sealant materials, our engineers created dispensing systems specific to sealant material components.

Specialty Materials

Moisture Cure

Moisture cure materials are useful for difficult to bond substrates, materials that get exposed to higher temperatures, and thin or sensitive materials. Because they are resistant to UV rays, moisture cure materials are able to retain their volume, flexibility, and elasticity for much longer than other types of sealants. To ensure moisture-cure materials are dispensed without issue, we have developed a variety of solutions such as nitrogen blankets and solvent cups to create barriers from the moisture in the air.

UV Cure

UV cure materials offer reduced cycle times, lead to smaller manufacturing footprints, and overall cause less energy consumption. Their low temperature photochemical reactions eliminate the need for solvents and drying periods. When dispensing UV cure materials, it is essential to keep them away from any light source, which is why we offer blackout covers on many of our pumps and dispensers.

Two Part Material

Two part materials (2k) are composed of a base component and activator component and cure quickly and uniformly without exposure to specific atmospheric conditions. We offer a variety of products for two-component materials that ensure the materials remain separated until they meet in the mixing tube. Other features such as nitrogen blankets, heated hoses, and solvent cups are available on our 2k systems.

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