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The GPR5000-6000-2500 grease pressure regulator offers 6,000 psi of primary pressure and an adjustable outlet range of 750- 2,500 psi. Its robust build and mounting bracket make installation simple and secure.

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Features and Benefits

  • High-Pressure Tolerance: Up to 6,000 psi of primary pressure makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications, providing reliable performance in high-pressure systems.
  • Wide Secondary Pressure Range: The broad secondary pressure range allows for fine-tuning to the specific needs of the application.
  • Large Port Size: The 3/4” NPT ports accommodate a higher volume of material for high flow systems.
  • Robust Construction: The carbon steel housing ensures durability, protecting the internal components from damage.
  • Material Compatibility: This regulator is compatible with materials containing Teflon, molybdenum, graphite, and anti-seize compounds which greatly reduces the risk of chemical incompatibility or damage.
Part Number: GPR5000-6000-2500
Pressure Range: 750-2,500 psi
Max Inlet Pressure: 6,000 psi
Max Outlet Pressure: 2,500 psi
Flow Rate:
Viscosity Range:
Wetted Materials:
Connection Size & Type: 3/4″ NPT
Temperature Range:
Adjustment Mechanism: 3/8″ allen wrench
Mounting: Filter bolted to mounting plate
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