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The GPR5000-1250-200 is a robust grease pressure regulator, capable of managing a primary pressure up to 1250 psi and adjustable between 50 to 200 psi for diverse uses. It is designed with standard 3/8 NPT ports for seamless system integration, a secure mounting bracket, and a 300 psi gauge for precise pressure monitoring, making it a key tool for regulating pneumatic pressures in industrial environments.

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Features and Benefits

  • High-Pressure Handling: The GPR5000-1250-200 regulator is ideal for systems requiring low pressure.
  • Exceptional Durability and Wear Resistance: The use of tungsten carbide for the poppet and seat means our regulator can withstand abrasive substances, extending its life significantly.
  • Adjustable Output: With an adjustable secondary pressure range of 50-200 psi, it provides versatility, allowing for precise control of material flow.
  • Easy Installation and Monitoring: The included mounting bracket ensures that the regulator can be securely installed in a convenient location. The 300 psi output pressure gauge allows for real-time monitoring.
  • Material Compatibility: The ability to work with materials containing Teflon, molybdenum, graphite, and anti-seize compounds means the regulator can be used in various settings without chemical incompatibility or damage.
Part Number: GPR5000-1250-200
Pressure Range: 50-200 psi
Max Inlet Pressure: 1,250 psi
Max Outlet Pressure: 200 psi
Flow Rate:
Viscosity Range:
Wetted Materials:
Connection Size & Type: 3/8″ NPT
Temperature Range: 0 to 200°F
Adjustment Mechanism: 3/8″ allen wrench
Mounting: Filter bolted to mounting plate
Fulfillment Time: 5 business days*


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