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This high-temperature synthetic lubricant, ideal for roller chains in demanding environments, boasts an impressive flash point above 500° F, exceptional anti-wear and oxidation stability, and a viscosity rating of ISO 68. LL3000 is available online in one gallon and five gallon containers. Does your manufacturing require a larger container size? Contact us.

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Features and Benefits

  • Extreme-Temperature Performance: The LL3000’s ability to withstand extremely high temperatures along a flash point exceeding 500°F, makes it ideal for industrial settings where air temperatures frequently surpass 400°F.
  • Safety and Stability: With its high smoke, flash, and fire points, the lubricant addresses critical safety concerns in environments prone to fire hazards.
  • Advanced Anti-Wear and Oxidation Resistance: Formulated for superior anti-wear performance and high-temperature oxidation stability, this lubricant is non-sludging and ashless, enhancing the longevity and efficiency of machinery.
Part Number: LL3000
Flash Point: >500°F
Specific Gravity: 0.979
Container Size: 1-gallon, 5-gallon, 55-gallon upon request
LL1000 Options: LL3000-1 | LL3000-5
Fulfillment Time: 5 business days*


* Please note that longer fulfillment time could occur depending on the number of components ordered or supply chain delays.

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