Getting started in the field of manufacturing can be quite the uphill battle. Because GP Reeves is cognizant of the hardships the manufacturing industry can provide, we want to make it as easy as possible to start off on the right foot! Think of us as your big brother in manufacturing, we want to help you as much as possible and to do that, we’ve gathered some advice from some of our top professionals to guide you along. Here’s some advice to get you going! 

Tinker Around

To succeed in manufacturing, you’ll need to get creative. To practice this skill our team suggests tinkering and developing your own quirky problem-solving skills. There are tons of engineering sets, Lego gears, and Arduino kits to play with and collect tinkering knowledge that will help you in the long run! Our team also suggests automating random things even if it may seem pointless. Look at the world around you and see how you can improve different things. Could you make your morning routine more efficient? How about your dinner preparation? Find things to automate and to fix, and you’re on your way to becoming an expert-level manufacturing professional! 

Educate Yourself

For really advancing in the field, its suggested that individuals gain some sort of education. Whether this is at a 4-year university, a trade school, through a training program, or just through shadowing someone in the industry gaining new perspectives and industry knowledge will always be beneficial to your career. One of our team members mentioned that continuing education into fields like hydraulics, pneumatics, and robotics could also be advantageous. Others suggest observing the work of assemblers outside your department to gain new perspectives. Overall, the more knowledgeable one can become, the better it will be for their work in the manufacturing field. It will also make a person more versatile and promotable! 

Gain Experience

So many of our team members recommend finding a company to intern with. By observing day-to-day operations of a functioning manufacturing floor, one will be equipped with real-world expertise and have a real advantage over other job contenders. Internships are often available in numerous realms of manufacturing, so participating in an internship can help individuals realize which areas they are more interested in, and which routes they would like to take towards a certain career. GP Reeves often has availability for new interns, and we can even recommend other companies to look into if fluid dispensing doesn’t strike your fancy! 

Get Feedback 

A lot of our experts found it significant that professionals get feedback from all types of manufacturing individuals. For example, one of our engineering teammates discussed how their best feedback is often from the individuals who make and assemble their designs. By learning about different perspectives even regarding the same concept, individuals can look at their own work from various angles and be enabled to improve products and designs to make them even better. Additionally, a willingness to gain both positive and negative feedback can help you to develop as a better team-player. By considering more opinions than just your own, your products and processes can receive a diverse realm of thoughts and can become supremely beneficial. 

Be Open 

To really grow in the manufacturing industry, you have to be prepared to continuously learn and grow. By prioritizing growth, you can become a superior professional in this industry. It’s important to treat others as though they might know something that you don’t, because chances are, they do. By keeping an open-mind and absorbing a variety of different viewpoints, individuals can grow to become flexible enough to adapt new designs, input new methods of assembly, and expand their knowledgebase to truly succeed. 

Get Started

The team at GP Reeves is enthusiastic about the constant opportunities the manufacturing industry provides. We’re cognizant that there is always potential to advance and grow, and we encourage anyone interested in the field of manufacturing to get started and proceed with full vigor! If you have any questions about taking the first steps, gaining experience, or reaching your manufacturing goals, get in touch with one of our experts today! We wish you the best of luck as you begin your career journey! 

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