Consumer Products

The consumer products industry covers almost everything you might find in your home or garage. Our experience in this industry is broad and includes a variety of dispense types with brands like Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Delta, Moen, and more!

Our Experience with Consumer Products

GP Reeves has manufactured dispensing systems uniquely tailored to the specifications required by companies within the consumer product industry. From micro-dots of grease on the smallest of applications to shock-absorbing filling systems, we have created dispensing systems that help the consumer product industry excel. Consumer products often have a more aesthetic appearance than products found in manufacturing spaces, meaning all lubrication has to be clean and precise, two things we specialize in.

Dishwasher Motor

The customer approached us to lubricate a dishwasher motor pump mounting plate to aid in assembly. We created a custom system that rotated the part allowing us to spray material around the entire outer diameter. Our spray nozzles ensured uniform coverage of material leading to a simpler pump installation.

Kitchen Mixer

Large amounts of grease were requested by the customer in the gear motor assembly of their kitchen mixer. The long term use of these mixers includes a significant amount of turning of these gears, which requires a lubrication solution that will last. To keep the gears turning smoothly without excess wear or noise, we created custom solutions to dispense a metered amount of grease directly onto their part.

Electric Window Shade

Our customer approached us looking for a solution that would allow them to grease various motor parts for their electric window shade systems. GP Reeves engineers designed a custom system with a singular pump feeding several separately controlled stations that allowed simultaneous greasing of a variety of parts. Each station included a dispenser along with custom nesting designed for each unique part.

Sink Faucet

This video highlights two different faucet applications. The primary application site on sink faucets is on the swivel, industry standard greases the outer diameter of this swivel. However, we have also engineered solutions to lubricate the inner diameter of this swivel. A customer approached us with a problem, the grease they were using was changing the color of their faucet and they needed a precise application that would ensure grease didn’t end up where it shouldn’t. Our solution included custom nesting that ensured grease stayed on the inner diameter of the swivel, solving their problem and reducing the possibility of mess.

Water Filter

Our customer approached us asking for inner diameter lubrication of their plastic water softener housing to aid in assembly. Utilizing our GSSM dispensers, a GUS1051 with pump, and custom tooling, we designed a standalone system complete with dust covers and nozzle cleaning capabilities. Custom nests were designed especially for their part ensuring an accurate dispense every time. The system was designed and built for use with DOW111 to prevent cross contamination.

Lawn Mower

The customer came to us asking us to dispense a vibration dampening material into the handles of their lawn mower. The complicated material we used had large particles in it and required specialized care. We engineered custom nozzles to pair with our standard dispenser units that allowed the customer to fill the entire handle with material in one dispense.


Our customer manufactures electric motorcycles and needed a custom greasing system to properly lubricate the engine gears. They expressed frustration with previous dispensing companies that the peaks and valleys of the gears weren’t equally lubricated. The system we created included a rotating spray nozzle which ensured an even coverage in every part of their gears, exceeding the customers expectations.

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