Programming & Controls Projects

From our standard controllers to fully customized vision systems, the UL Certified experts on our controls team deliver accurate and precise programming for your dispensing system.  We offer standard controllers for pneumatic AA or servo dispensers, dispense control hubs for our GSS, GPMD or RotoMeters, and fully customized control packages that can control up to eight dispensers with multiple options for PLC and HMI. The projects below are just a small sampling of our programming & controls projects we’ve created.

Controls for O-Ring Lubrication System

Controls for O-Ring Lubrications

When an agricultural equipment manufacturer needed a system to lubricate their components, GP Reeves designed a controls system that used part in place sensors to ensure the correct amount of lubrication on multiple nested parts.

Programming for a Bead Verification System

Programming for Bead Verification System

This system utilized a Keyence PLC and custom vision camera to verify the size and location of the material bead. This system included a check of the dispense need to verify both the part location and the straightness of the line. This is just one of the examples of an advanced programming project completed by GP Reeves controls engineering team.

Controls for a Fuel Filter Lubrication System

Controls for a Fuel Filter Lubrication

In this project, we used ultrasonic flow sensors to accurately measure the amount of material that was being applied to the threads, seals and O-rings of the filters.  Additionally, we engineered part-in-place sensors to provide an extra layer of precision and reliability.

Controls System for an Automated Oil Filling System

Programming a Vision System

GP Reeves engineered a generator assembly system that included custom programming and a Fanuc 3D Vision Sensor. We programmed the system to take two pictures of the generator which then extrapolated the 2D frames into a 3D map of the product. From there, it was able to calculate the exact position of the opening to the engine.

Transmission Oil Filling Programming & Controls

Controls for a transmission oil filling system

For this transmission oil filling project, our engineers included controllers to allow for setting the dispense, volume and rate of the fluid along with providing system feedback.

Flow Sensor Technology for Battery Filling System

Controls System for Battery Filling Application

Within this battery filling system, GP Reeves integrated a customized control package that monitored flow sensors and automatically shut off the systems’s diaphragm valve. Keyence controllers allowed operators to confirm the system’s accuracy using real time dispense volumes.

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