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By partnering with Poly Dispensing Systems to be the exclusive distributor of PreciFluid® in North America, GP Reeves is able to combine our dispensing expertise with the precision of the PreciFluid® system to bring our customers increasing levels of accuracy. In addition to distributing the PreciFluid® system, we will also be engineering and producing several accessories to be used along side of the PreciFluid®.


The micro-drive system operates by moving a linear stepper motor driving the precise displacement of the material contained in the syringe. Thus, unlike the pneumatic dispensers actuated by the air pressure, the dispensing from the PreciFluid® electronic fluid meter is more effective in terms of accuracy, speed and repeatability.


In addition to its outstanding performance, the use of PreciFluid® is very intuitive. Sequenced by previously recorded programs, its thrust is regular and constant. Simply enter the digital volume and speed at which you want the dispenses, and the electronic fluid meter loads calculations.


The PreciFluid® metering dispenser performs a linear progression of the piston when in contact with the fluid. The screw activated by the step-by-step motor has high precision machining and is linked to the piston with a patented connection system.

The system also offers a high pushing displacement force with capabilities up to 500,000 cps for thick materials. The dispensing cycle uses the forward movement of the piston for a defined volume and speed, and the parameterized mechanical drawback which performs a backward movement of the PistonDrop.

A pause can be programmed between the forward and the backward movement. Working delay can be programmed in order to be alerted at the end of the process (this can be useful during the application of a two-component product with a limited operating time).

Material Application

PreciFluid® is a high developed technology offering quality dispensing. This volumetric dispenser, which is compatible with almost all types of fluids (from the most liquid to the most viscous types), combines speed and accuracy in a simple and ergonomic structure. The stepping motor motion, which performs a repetitive and controlled movement of a volume allows PreciFluid® to be 7 times more accurate than other pneumatic dispensers. This means remarkably smaller dispenses than volumetric dispensers, with its minimum volume starting at 0.00006ml. This patented dispenser is the only one which guarantees you a volumetric deposit with such accuracy.

Through comprehensive testing on a wide variety of materials with the PreciFluid® system, we have found that it is compatible with nearly every material. There have been only two material categories that haven’t been successful; liquid and solid pastes.