As manufacturing processes continue to evolve, a lot of smaller mom-and-pop shops want to keep up with the times but aren’t quite sure where to start. Though there are lots of processes that could be semi or fully automated, we believe material dispensing is a great place to start. In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve outlined how we would help Santa optimize his workshop, allowing his elves to spend more time on the fun stuff – like hand carving a rocking horse. 

Snow Globes

Whether you live somewhere that snows around the holidays, or you live in an area that stays warm all year (can we move in, by the way?), snow globes are a wonderful way to bring a little bit of the cozy Christmas feeling inside. Right now, Santa’s elves are doing this entire process manually, they are nailing the house and scene to the base, hand filling the globes with glycerin, and hand applying a sealant to keep the globe in place without leaks. Not only is this process time-consuming, it is also extremely messy. Luckily, with just one system, this process can be automated, giving Pep in the globe department extra time to make sure the snow globe scenes are painted to her extremely high standards.

Our Suggestion 

For starters, let’s swap the nails for a waterproof adhesive, perhaps a 2K that will dry quickly, allowing the globe to be assembled just as fast. Our Servo AA for two-component materials will work perfectly to dispense this. Then, we’ll utilize a RotoMeter to fill the globes with the exact amount of glycerin necessary, ensuring optimal snow-shaking area. Finally, we’ll (literally) seal the deal with an RTV Sealant, dispensed by an automated dispensing system to achieve the perfect circular shape each time.  

Remote Controlled Cars

Remote-controlled cars are a great way to fill (most) kiddos’ need for speed. The elves are testing the batteries and other little parts to see if the cars can hold up to all the run ins with furniture and accidental wipe outs expected Christmas morning. They can simplify that process by making sure the batteries and parts are well sealed and filled with our dispensing systems! 

Our Suggestion 

We would make sure that the electronic bits are nice and sealed with a thermal paste, accurately dispensed with our RotoMeter that will measure each dispense regardless of the thickness of the material or external factors. Next, we’d make sure those batteries are properly filled. Pressure pots are a valuable tool to have during dispensing as they work well with materials with low viscosity. To confirm your volume while working with battery filling materials, an ultrasonic volume confirmation device is the best choice since it does not disturb the material flow. Polycore valves can also be used during battery acid filling, as the plastic core is compatible with many corrosive and reactive materials. 


Dollhouses are a timeless gift. Through the years, they have been made with many different styles and materials, but one thing has stayed the same – at some point, they need to be assembled before they can be played with. We’re guessing Santa’s elves are doing this all by hand, and while the sentiment is there, manual processes often leave room for unintentional error and extra mess. Our dispensing products can help make sure that your dolls’ walls and doors are ready for Christmas morning! 

Our Suggestion 

Santa’s dollhouses are always intricate and complex, so the elves need a custom solution to ensure they receive the most precise solution possible. Custom tooling paired with GSS dispensers will ensure all the houses hinges are properly lubricated for optimal opening and closing for life. Plus, a RotoMeter can dispense the exact amount of adhesive needed to hold the house together, ensuring absolute precision for the walls and floors of the dollhouse. 

If we can optimize Santa’s workshop, we can optimize yours! 

So there you have it. With Santa’s magic and GP Reeves dispensing system, we can help get those presents under the tree for Christmas morning. While it might be a bit ambitious saying we can help the big guy in red, we can certainly help other industries. If you need to optimize your assembly lines, contact us today and get started!

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