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GP Reeves' Proven Dispensing Products Further Developments in Green Technology

GP Reeves has a proven ability to help advance battery technology. Our engineers have worked to develop solutions for potential challenges faced by developers and manufacturers of sustainable energy storage. To see how we can support your unique energy storage application, get in touch with us today! We’d love to configure and customize a system to meet your exact needs.

Our Experience:

The significance of energy storage development is continually on the rise, and GP Reeves is aware of how impactful advancements in this sector can be. We’ve already assisted in numerous applications relating to battery and energy storage technology, and these projects have only fueled an even deeper desire to continue solving the challenges of these innovative industries. One example of our work is depicted in this short video. Take a look to see how GP Reeves tackles clean energy!

How Could We Help You?

GP Reeves has great potential to positively impact your energy storage assembly lines:

Battery Cell Bonding & Filling

Battery cell bonding is the process of bonding individual battery cell components together so they form a larger battery module. This bonding procedure is performed most often with 2K materials or epoxies, which our engineers have plenty of experience with. These materials are usually applied in small dots or beads on the surface or diameter of the battery cell. Our team can configure equipment to replicate your exact dispense size, volume, and speed desires, ensuring material placement is as precise as necessary.

Battery cell filling is another process within energy storage development that can be improved by our dispensing equipment. This is the process in which battery acid is dispensed into the battery cells. Battery filling is necessary to facilitate the electrochemical conversion of the battery’s chemical energy to electric energy. This reaction is what makes the battery work, so proper filling is of high importance. Th team at GP Reeves has worked long days and late nights to configure customized systems that help this process to be as efficient and accurate as possible.

  • Ultra-Precise: When dispensing material in small surface areas, like battery cell housing components, the precision needed and level of effort required can lead to lengthy production times. GP Reeves can configure multiple dispense nozzles per system, allowing  more cells to be complete per application area in a shorter amount of production time. 
  • Automated: Manual processes that involve assemblers moving quickly from place to place with material dispense equipment can result in a material application that is inaccurate or incomplete. Our years of automation experience enables us to design advanced solutions to provide the correct number of dots, beads, or whatever format desired at the flow rate and speed the application needs.
  • Air-Removal Technology: Air can become trapped around battery cells during the dispense process. To ensure this doesn’t occur, GP Reeves has a patented air removal process to ensure that only airless material is dispensed into your manufacturing process.

Current Circuit to Module Bonding

To ensure a battery module will work properly and store energy, its current circuits will need to be reliably bonded to the components of the battery. In order for components to be effectively accommodated throughout the process, materials like epoxies, 2k materials, and UV cure materials are usually dispensed. GP Reeves has the ability to precisely and reliably apply these types of materials to the battery cells and/or to the current circuit to make sure each get bonded in the location desired and will remain there throughout the product’s lifetime. This process can be complex, but equipment from GP Reeves is compatible with a variety of materials and deposit formats. Our expertise in automation also ensures that the process can be repeated with the same level of accuracy again and again. With our machinery, you’ll be satisfied with consistent material placement and reliable bonding between current circuits and their associated battery cells.

  • Product Range: GP Reeves has over 50 years of expertise in unique dispensing processes. Whether your power system requires a dot, bead, line or other dispense format, our systems have you covered. We have a wide range of dispensing equipment prepared for the accommodation of electrical components of battery units.
  • Variety: Because certain power distribution aspects require specific dispensed material formatting, we have a variety of nozzles and end points to allow for effective configuration. We also have a proven capability of customizing equipment to meet an application’s specific needs.

Battery Pack Processes:

When configuring a battery cell module to properly serve the form, size, and specifications of a final stage product, it can be difficult to ensure the overall battery pack can adapt to such complexities. Within a vehicle application, for example, engineers must be aware of the pack’s unique setting place, potential vibration problems, and potential for corrosion. GP Reeves helps to alleviate some of these worries with our ability to properly seal and bond battery cell modules to their associated larger battery pack. This procedure most often uses one component materials, 2k substances, or epoxies which are placed on the surface or the diameter of the battery module, although we have also witnessed processes where it was most optimal for material to be dispensed onto the entire base of the battery pack system. GP Reeves has great expertise with each of these materials and their appropriate dispense procedures. Therefore, our team is able to prevent possible issues like vibration problems, exposure to harmful moisture, or battery system corrosion.  To ensure battery pack assembly processes are completed as beneficially as possible and to prevent ineffectiveness from inadequate sealing, our team has created multiple innovative solutions.


  • Dispense Monitoring: We have a reliable range of dispensing equipment that helps to manage and monitor the consistencies, volume, speed, and flow of material to ensure a dispensing operation is conducted as optimally as possible.
  • Customizable: Our engineers can configure and customize nozzles and valves to properly dispense material to a surface through an application that exceeds the expectations of accurate precision.
  • Reliable: Our automation capabilities and the reliability of our equipment prioritizes the accuracy of each dispense, ensuring that dispensed material doesn’t impact surrounding cells or the exterior of the battery pack.

Future Innovations

While GP Reeves mainly has experience and knowledge within these areas of energy storage advancement, we are always willing to take on new challenges. Our team has a relentless pursuit towards innovation and improvement and we would be enthused to configure and customize equipment to meet the needs of your energy storage application.

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