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To use a grease dispenser, you first have to get the grease out of the original container.  Prior to selecting a pump or cartridge system, you should decide how the grease will be purchased.  Common containers are:  400 lb. barrel (55 Gallon), 120 lb. keg, 35 lb. pail (5 Gallon), 18kg, 25kg, and 35kg.  We have single and double post ram pumps for USA and metric size containers.
Auto-fill grease reservoir/regulators allow grease to be stored and also reduce grease pressure.
Manual Fill Reservoirs allow refilling several stations from a single portable pump.
FIFO (First In – First Out) reservoirs minimize separation of unstable grease 
Other less common choices include “Semco” cartridges and universal 14.5 ounces (grease gun) cartridges.